Lower Back Pain

Hoping for advice here - I started the couch to 5 k two weeks ago but after the first run I felt quite a bit of pain the next day in my right lower back - I rested for a few days and then did the last two runs of week one - felt ok doing them but last run was on Friday and was hoping to start week two on Sunday but really suffering with lower back pain (all over this time) and even a bit of shooting pain in the left groin area - help! - thought this was my route to fitness but feel every bit of my age at the moment. I followed the pod cast to the letter not running too fast (as if I could anyway!) But feel a bit disheartened as I've never really been a sufferer of back pain, and beginning to think I'm doing more harm than good. Any advice welcome please.


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  • I suffered from back pain is often when I first started and found out it was due to trying to run very upright. I found a video on youtube which demonstrated to just bend forwards a fraction and my back pain never returned. It felt slightly strange at first but is now natural. Hope this helps.

  • Back pain is quite common, I know I certainly suffered lower back/hip discomfort for a good while. When I went to get some decent running shoes and had my gait analysed at around week 5, the guys there all recognised that it's quite typical whilst your body adjusts to this new form of excercise. There's discomfort and then there's pain though and if it's nearer to or is the latter then best to get checked out by the doc.

    Certainly once I'd graduated, bar shin splints, I was pretty much discomfort free. Good luck.

  • Thank you for the replies 'before fifty' and 'catchmeifucan'. I'm relieved to hear its quite common and hopefully my body will adjust to the new regime. I found a few exercises to try to relieve the discomfort and will check out you tube for that video and if that doesn't help will see about the gait analysis although I'm very self conscious at the moment and not sure about plucking up the courage to have that done yet! Thanks again for the advice :)

  • it is very short, no long winded explanations.

  • Like catchme I had gait analysed and got new shoes, that helped. I went to see a sport injury therapist: a flat foot can cause lower back pain, and in my case hamstring pain too...

    Everyone is different though, so if it goes on it is worth to check with a sport therapist or GP, back pain is well... a pain in the a***

    As B450 said there are lots of videos and articles on good running form: the one that works for me is short steps, landing on the ball of the foot or midfoot but not on the heel - this also protects the knees, not slouching or hunching forward, but not tighly upright... seems easy??? try to feel if your body is in a natural position. Hope this can help, happy running!

  • PS and stretch after the run

  • Thanks Guys - thats given me a real boost - once this wears off I'll definitely get going again - determined to run the whole distance of race for life next year!

  • Getting a gait analysis and shoes that are good for you and stretching after your warm down walk are my suggestions.

    I pulled my groin muscle playing tennis and had similar pain so now I do many stretches such as yoga ones - the child's pose, cat pose and others found on this site and other sites. There are also exercises that can be done as well to strengthen muscles in lower back, hips and groin.

    As well, I ice any sore areas afterwards using an ice pack or frozen vegetables wrapped in a tea towel for 5 minutes a couple of times in the 24 hours after the discomfort.

  • I used to get a bit of lower back pain and found out I was leaning slightly too far forward. I now run more upright and feel much more relaxed. It has helped alot. Don't push yourself too much and if it continues you should see your GP.

  • Thanks for all the suggestions -will get going again as soon as this pain wears off -thank goodness for ibuprofen!

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