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Week 7 run 1

Well I did run 1 of week 7 outside and despite huffing and puffing like a steam engine up slight inclines I didnt stop. I used my own music set off on my five minute warm walk up at 3.30pm started running at 3.35pm stopped running at 4pm then walked for five minutes to cool down. Dont think I need Laura anymore. Going to an indoor cycling class today - dont really want to as legs still ache from my run but if I cancel now have to pay £3 even though I have membership.

As Laura says at the end of week 6 run 3 I am officially a runner. I have also enquired about joining a running group.

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Fantastic, excellent progress, and although I resisted for ages the best thing I did was join a once a week running group to work on speed (I am still v slow but have knocked 5 mins of my parkrun time woo hoo!)


Well done, I have joined a beginners running club (never thought I would even run in daylight when I started this programme) and it is fabulous. I would recommend it.


Well done Philippa you are doing great!

Its great you are thinking of joining a running club - braver than me! Sue x


Thanks sue

The only problem is that they no longer meet my local leisure centre but further away than I thought however the person who runs it is ringing me back and I hope I can join them at some point on the run rather than walking all the way down to where they start as this would be more convenient to me. My other option is to enquire about joining another club which does meet at my local leisure centre.


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