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Words of wisdom needed to drag myself out for w7 r2 tomorrow after 6 days off?

I've given myself 6 days off, not entirely intentional but was totally knackered from w7 r1 and couldn't manage running on Wednesday felt really tired Ihad a really busy week, same story on Friday and had stuff on today so I know tomorrow is my day. However, the gremlins are there saying "it's sunday have a lie in". I need your inspiration and words of wisdom!!!

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Have a lie-in.... after you've done the run! Grow some and stop welching out. In the words of Old Ma Nike - just do it. 6 days is enough... before you know it, it'll be 6 weeks and then 6 months. Do you really want that to be the story of your running? Do you?

Your choice. Use it or lose it. It's only half an hour...and think how great you'll feel once it's done... you might even feel like giving yourself a reward ;-). As I say, your choice - all the way.


Great advice Viv! Made me laugh! Got me out too!


With any luck this post of mine will have come too late but just in case!

Close your eyes and remember how proud and happy you were after finishing your last run and the runs before that! Remember that the steady but amazing progress we can all make on this programme happens when we do the sessions regularly.

You wont notice any drop off in performance in the few days since you last ran BUT every day you don't run YOU are jeopardising your own aim of getting to 30 minutes non stop running :-(

Remember how you changed from a non runner to a runner when you first embarked on this? You have resisted the urge not to run for 6 plus weeks now (18 occasions!) so THAT is your current norm!

Hope you enjoy! If its anything like the weather we are having it is just stunning weather to run this morning! I am resisting running as I did a 5 k parkrun yesterday so have tired legs (mostly hips!) but am about to take the dog out in the sunshine.

:-) :-) :-)



Thank you for this. It got me out the door and I've bookmarked it for the future. Just in case...


I'm overdue my wk7r2 as well. So having read your post and the fantastic answers I will be heading out shortly.

Hope you make it out too!


I'm in a similar positon having been away for a week. Can't face a run today but have made myself a promise that I will do it tomorrow anad given myself a specific time. I will take it reasonably easy today and have an early night so I don't wake up tired.


Thank all for your posts. I read vivwestie's post before my run and thank you for it - it got me out there, I was in danger of becoming a shirker. So, tick, w7r2 done!! Also, according to my runkeeper app, twas my fastest time too. I hope you enjoyed your dog walk Deryn, it is a beautiful morning, well done on your park run, which one did you do? And Jemimatoo, hope you made it out there too, let us know! Thank you all for your support it really makes a difference.


Thanks I did Cardiff. There are two parkruns sort of near me (both around a 70 mile round trip).

Cardiff is the biggest of the two, a lovely run round part of Bute Park out and back with a loop in the middle, over 300 runners of all abilities.

Parking and post run coffee etc in the big Tesco in Gabalfa.

Then there is Park Bryn Bach, near Tredegar, much quicker to get to and back as hardly any traffic on a Sat morning but a newish much smaller event, and on present times I would always be last there lol!


Thank you secret runner, thanks to your post and the answers I made it out. And I am sooooo glad I did

I'm planning to do r3 on Tuesday. How about you.


Excellent! Well done on doing it in your fastest time. Very excellent!


Well done Jemimatoo. Yes I am also planning r3 on Tues. There- i've said it now so we'll have to do it! Looking forward to a nice relaxing Sunday now, feeling like the cat that got the cream. Enjoy your rest time too.


That's great. I guess now we r both committee to a tues run. Let me know how u get on.


Have you done r3 yet Jemimatoo? If so, how was it?

I did mine this morning. I use runkeeper to map my run and usually I include my warm up walk but today I started it when i began running and was pleased that I was running my quickest yet at 8kmph. I did get a stitch halfway and had to walk for 2 mins but I know that was because I started too quickly. Feel pretty good after my run and finally believe that I will achieve that 30 min run. I have to accept that I am wrong and my old belief that I am not able to run has gone right out of the window. It feels great though doesn't it and does make me wonder what else I can do that I never thought possible!


Hi secret runner, that's great, so pleased it went so well for you and you are feeling more positive

I got out this morning too. I had to take baby in the pushchair, but that turned out to be a good thing. I think I went too fast last time (when I was on my own) and hated it, this time although it was slow going uphill with the baby I definitely got a helping pull on the way down!!

Only 6 more runs to go...

Ps you say you use runkeeper. Is it an app and is it any good. I'd like to find a way to track my speed, but can't justify spending a lot of cash


Well done - almost there!

Runkeeper is an apple app it is free and it maps my run, tells me the duration and the distance and also keeps a log of all my runs. There is a paid app which does even more but I don't need that yet. Would recommend it if you have an apple device.


Thanks. I've got an iPhone, so I'll take a look at that


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