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No running for ten what to run tomorrow? help and advice needed please

My last run was on 14 Nov, and wasnt great, but then back muscles in spasm on saturday put paid to any running this be honest was only straight and upright on thursday..but feels ok tonight, well a bit achy from work (so tomorrow morning will really settle it), but I am wondering what to run tomorrow.

Should have been on w7r3 but really apprehensive about doing that one as i am worried that my legs will be so stiff and sore for a good few days if I do..also my feet and ankles are going to protest too :/

So I bite the bullet, do a really good warm up, maybe ten mins, stretch and then do this run, or go back a week or two? Really unsure what to do, normally so sure of what i should do but this has me really wondering what to do for the best.

Missed running like crazy too, feel so cooped up.

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That sounds nasty, about your back! Is it cos of running in unsuitable shoes or on hard surfaces I wonder? Is it a recurring problem?

Anyway, my humble opinion is - you have run 3 times a week for nearly 7 weeks before your enforced rest so I think in terms of your legs/feet/ankles and your lungs and heart I am sure things won't be so bad! How about warming up as you suggest. Not sure about the stretching before you then run, there is a lot of opinion that this doesnt help and just means you cool down again before you then start to run? Anyway, just go at a slow gentle pace and see how you fare, but plenty of stretching after the run.

Good luck and let us know how you do.


Back spasm was due to lifting a couple of children at work - recently returned to childcare and just forgot about bending knees etc..totally my own fault :(

thanks for the advice, will go with the extra warm up, and then run and see how it goes, and stretch lots afterwards is good idea too.

roll on the morning :D


Having been laid out for 6 weeks myself during my journey to graduation, my advice is

a) make sure you feel Ok now;

b) go back a week;

c) do not run on concrete;

d) make sure you have proper shoes!

So you graduate a weel later than scheduled? Life is a marathon and not a sprint! GOOD LUCK titch! Delia


Thanks Delia - was out at 7.30 this morning..did a longer warm up walk and two ten minute runs - so a gentle ease back in which means i should be good for the coming weeks runs.

It was so good to be out there again - had no choice but concrete running as every piece of turf around here is waterlogged after all the rain - but so far all things feeling good :D


Excellent! Hope to see a green shiny badge soon xox


Listen to your body, if its comfortable then continue to jog but take it slowly. First sign of any pain slow down and walk. It pays to take a longer rest so if your back is not fully recovered I would do some brisk walking for a couple of days to be sure. Good luck


i had almost the same problem at W7R3 had two months off and came back to W5R1 to build me back up again so ten minute runs x2 then a 20 minute run with no problem so as the others say listen to your body and just don't give up it's worth it in the end


i missed a week when away - but found that I just carried on where I left off and it was fine - it is amazing how your fitness doesn't leave you if you have followed 'Laura' all the way!! Good luck.


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