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W7R1 complete after nearly talking myself out of it!

Just finished W7R1. Nearly didn't do it as I'd found W6R3 so hard.

Finished work on time for a change so went straight out as I knew I wouldn't go if I sat down for a cuppa first.

Ended up having a good run, even though I was barely jogging above some people's fast walking pace by the end! Felt pleased I'd with myself that I did it at all, and even more pleased that I managed to keep running the whole 25minutes.

I'm going to have to find a longer route though as my current one is a bit short now I'm running 25minutes.

I've got a terrible sense of direction and an even worse memory and I'm terrified of getting lost if i go somewhere even a bit unfamiliar. How do other people manage?

I might ask that in the questions section.

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Nice job with your first run of week 7. :) At least your jogging is faster than the walkers. I was having causal walkers pass by me as I shuffle-jogged along. You're doing great, keep it up!


Thanks. I must admit, if I'm ever out and having to pass walkers I find myself trying to speed up a bit, just through embarassment at the thought of them walking faster than my running. And I also find myself trying to control my breathing so that I don't pass them gasping for breath and sounding like I'm about to have a heart attack!


Well done!! It's a brilliant feeling, isn't it, when you drag yourself out and end up having a great run?? :-D

Keep hold of that feeling, and remember it next time you're feeling a bit lazy...

As for finding a longer route, have a look at - it lets you plan out routes and look at the elevation to make sure you aren't giving yourself too many horrible hills.


It is a good feeling and I have started to find it easier to force myself out the door by constantly reminding myself of that fact!

I have looked at mapmyrun as my husband uses it for his cycling. He's also tried to show me some different routes. Trouble is, my sense of direction and ability to remeber routes etc really is so bad I have absolutely no confidence left when it comes to finding my way!!

I think I may have to invest in one of those GPS things as well as mapmyrun.


Oh yes - I treated myself to a Garmin for my brithday last month, and I LOVE it! It's the best now toy I've had in a long time! Really easy to use and it's amazing how motivating it is when you see how far or how fast you're going. It'll really come into its own when I get to the 'just stick on some music and run' stage, and will need to know how far I'm going in order to keep going when I feel tired.


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