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Just my Graduation run left - I can't believe it!!!

I've always been a "sporty" type of person - but could never run more than 5 mins without needing to stop.

Now in my late 40s and with an increasing waistline, at the start of September, I decided to give the C25k programme a go - I wasn't overly hopeful it would help me though.

I found the early runs relatively easy - as my previous attempts at running had all been "stop / start" so it was no difference to me - but disappointment did set in when I realised my previous attempts at "runs" had taken as long as the "run / walks" of Wk1!!

I soon got into the programme though (helped by reading the blogs on here about how others were improving - I still had my doubts about myself though!!) and coped with the gentle increases.

The first 20 minute run worried me - but I surprised myself by doing it.

I struggled on the step up to 25 minutes runs (Wk6r3 & Wk7) - but after some advice on this forum, decided to push on through to Wk8 - despite not really completing the 4 x 25 minute runs, which was a good decision as I seemed to break through the barrier, found Wk8 easier, actually started not hating what I was doing (was going to say I started enjoying what I was doing - but that was a bit strong!!) & managed to banish my mental Gremlins!!

I did my first Wk9 run on 30th Oct - on a treadmill due to work commitments.

10 mins in, I got a pain in my calf, just below the knee - but decided to run through it.

Bad decision - as I was limping for the next 2-3 days & the muscle pain seemed to weaken my knee!!!

After a few days rest - I was still a bit wary - so decided to try a couple of Spinning classes (as this seemed less "impacting") - I enjoyed these, as I always have.

I then found my old Gremlins starting to find their voice again - maybe I am not cut out to be a runner, will my knees etc take it, should I stick to Spinning, after a week away - could I manage 30 mins??

But today, I decided to give it a go.

I almost didn't as I started to find excuses - but after reading a few blogs on here, I got some of my Wk8 enthusiasm back.

Off I went, the first 5-10 mins (my crisis time) weren't too bad.

I actually got annoyed that I had to pick my way past a removal van on a country lane (in the past I would have used that as an excuse to walk!!!)

After 10 minutes, I got back into my stride & despite a couple of hard bits, I completed my 30 minutes - I actually felt like I could have run for longer!!

On completion, I felt great.

I had managed an outside run of 30 mins for the first time in my life!!

And it felt ok - comfortable & good are again probby a bit too strong for the way I felt!!! :-)

For those of you just starting out - GOOD LUCK & believe in this programme!!

I didn't - and probably still don't believe it could work, but my results seem to indicate otherwise!!

And keep reading others blogs for inspiration.

I have my final graduation run to do (probably on Sunday) and still can't believe I have got there!!

Thanks to all who helped develop this programme (especially Laura - sorry for some of the things I called you while out running!!!) and all who blogged and helped keep me going.

Happy running

(that is the first time I have ever said that!!!!!!)

If I can do it - you can!!! :-)

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Great work, Spud! I'm still amazed that I can run for 28 minutes and that I'll be graduating next week!

Good luck for your graduation run and keep running!


Well done Spud :-) you've come so far already. In the early weeks it felt like you were my virtual running partner as we were in the same place in the plan until injury set me back week!

Good luck on your graduation run on Sunday, let us all know how it goes :-)


I think we kept each other going in the early days Clare & you've nearly caught me up again!

Thanks for the comments you are both so nearly there too :-)

Good Luck with the rest of the programme


Ah Spud! You are magnifico, lol! You are almost a Graduate-welcome to the club :-)


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