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Laura I miss you

...I cant do this on my own :(

Graduated a couple of weeks back and am finding it really hard to motivate now the podcasts are over. Managed a couple of runs but need something to keep me going, Especially now its dark and cold

Dont feel confident to move on to the speed podcasts, still struggling with the 30 minutes

Any ideas?

Keep meaning to join the running club but always chicken out on the day

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I used the stamina podcast for a couple of weeks, found it helpful far more than the other 2. Now using my own playlist getting gradually faster. If 30 mins is still hard don't despair just yet, it's all still a bit of a shock to the system. It will come in time. Try varying your route too. A change of scenery helps to pass tbe time.


I started losing my mojo about three weeks after graduating so signed up for a race - a 10k! - with quite a few weeks to prepare of course! Downloaded a personalised training plan from Runners World website and followed that (apart from the sprints, I couldnt do sprints on my own!). Just a thought! :-P


Stepping stones podcast, Stamina podcast, Bridge to 10k podcasts, using the original week 1 of c25k for interval training (run at the walk bits and run faster in the run bits), Park Run, sign up to 5k events, purchase one of the Audiofuel packages.... the list is endless and what a load of us have found useful in the absense of Laura (btw, Laura guides you through the c25k+ podcasts too :) ) You just need to find your mojo again :) As for the running club, I understand your nerves but you'll never know if you don't try! Why not go down on one of their training nights and watch from the sidelines (if this is do-able) so you've an idea of what it's like. I guess it can be likened to starting c25k; it seems much scarier until you take the plunge and start!

Good luck with finding something which suits you so you can get back to running!


This is great advice. I haven't graduated yet, but I'm on the final run of week 6 so finishing the course isn't far away, and already I'm beginning to worry about not having the support and motivation provided by the podcasts. Thanks for all these fab ideas to help with that :-)


great selection of ideas! Thanks. Will give the other podcasts a go


Join that running club. It will bring you on in leaps and bounds and keep you motivated to go out there a couple of times a week and the social aspect is brilliant - meet other new runners too. I was really apprehensive and it took me a couple of weeks of 'chickening out' too but I've never looked back.


I felt the same - but decided I had to get that 5km done - did 4km in 37 mins this morning.

I use rundouble app on my HTC on the distance (rather than time) program now - to build myself up again. It isnt Laura but the app does let you know how you are doing every 5 mins (or whatever you set it to) and says well done at end - and you can play your own music through it :-)

Good Luck- am sure you will get your Moo back soon - you have come so far! Well done :-)


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