Graduated! But I miss Jo Whiley

Hi all! I graduated a couple of weeks ago (yay!) but really miss the structure that the podcast gave me. I tried to do the 5k+ podcasts but I can't stand the tinny music. Does anyone have any advice? I'm happy to stick at around 5k but I've tried doing it just listening to my own music and don't feel as motivated without Jo in my ear telling me how I'm doing! Thanks xx


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  • Are you not able to use the App along with your own music. That's what I did the last time I used the app and Sara Millican just interrupted the music to spur me on. (It was a while back, so it may be different now).

    It might be worth finding a specific playlist for running - I got fed up with my own running play list so downloaded a Running Tracks from the 1980's and 90's from Deezer, which was fun, and then went on to download a Rock Running Tracks playlist from Deezer too. I love it- I start with the Proclaimers for my warm up (and I would walk 500 miles..)

  • Yes, that's what the Jo Whiley one was like. The music just went quiet when she spoke. This one, you kind of walk to the beat (which seemed a bit slow for me) and you can't escape the music! I'm okay with just my own music but I'm not as motivated as when I've got someone going 'okay you're doing really well you've only got five more minutes' :) Someone suggested using the early couch to 5k weeks but jogging during the walking bits, which I kind of like the idea of. Love the Proclaimers for warm up, though, definitely going to download that! Thanks x

  • While I was consolidating my running at the end of the programme I used Week 9 Run 3 many times as I couldn't bear the thought of running without Laura. Every now and again I do a shorter run using the podcast for old time's sake. :-)

    I use map my run, and a voice tells me my time, distance and pace every km . I think you can set it up to give you more frequent or less frequent feedback depending on your preference. I find this quite motivating too.

  • Yes, I think that's the stage I'm at now. Oh that sounds perfect! Thank you, that should keep me going!

  • I'm with Razouski on this one, although I don't reuse Mr Smooth every run, i overlay the W9 R3 podcast over my music with the mechanical voice lady from Map My Run popping up to tell me about my splits and kms Run. It's a bit of a mash up, oh and my weekly treat is a new download of a tune.. for cheesiness I am getting Nik Kershaw ( you can take the girl out of the 80s, but...)

  • Love a bit of Nik Kershaw! Yes, I think that's what I'm going to do, thank you so much x

  • Why do I not have any Nik Kershaw on my running playlist? May have to put that right Jancanrun ('80s girl too).

  • I got that from antet there is a number of us, also thinking I am light on Adam Ant. Still am limited to one new download a week. I am thinking an 80s themed virtual run....

  • Classic!!!

  • Try strava. You can then look at how your runs break down over each mile. You can see what pace you are doing at any point. It is very good if you set yourself a goal for a PB you want to achieve. Then your runs will become training towards that end goal.

  • I do use strava but I miss the motivation of having someone cheering me on! What do you listen to?

  • I have put together my own running mix, and regularly update/ change. It is amazing how some songs which you love are useless for running with. So its trial and error.

    I listened to Michael Johnson during the programme. In the early days he was a godsend and I would've struggled without him, but I found once I got into the later weeks I didn't hear from him much during the run, other than the start middle and end, so I didn't miss having him around really.

  • I'm a bit of a Disney fan and downloaded the Moana soundtrack (I know, I know), but didn't factor in the fact that there are great big long instrumental bits in a film score - I nearly died of boredom! I think mine is more timing. There aren't many places with footpaths to run round here, so today I ran what I thought was 30 mins (my phone is in my arm strap), then when I looked I'd only done 3k and had to quickly start up again! I like knowing where I am on the journey :) I quite like the suggested idea of just having the w9 podcast playing in the background, I'm going to try that.

  • Try and map out your route beforehand. I prefer running a set distance and checking my time later, rather than having to run for a set time, as I find I just slow down to compensate.

  • That's a much better idea! Thank you 😊

  • You can map out your run using MapMyRun app or online on the PC too.

  • I do the SS podcasts all the time as they do me good. I don't mind the music as it goes with the podcast quite nicely. It's not long to suffer πŸ™‚

  • Really? God I can't stand that tinny Ibiza stuff!!

  • I know what you mean about lacking structure when finishing the programme.

    I really felt like I had lost my motivation and found it difficult getting on with running without Laura lol.

    I have however kept it going and try to do 3 x 30 mins a week.

    Regarding music, I have been lworking my way through David Bowie's albums and only have one left and I've heard them all.

    It certainly helps to have something different to listen to as it seems to motivate me to do it.

    Good choice with Nik Kershaw by the way

  • How do you time yourself? Do you have 30 min runs already mapped out?

  • I use Runkeeper which is a tracking app, I start with a 5min walk to warm up then do a run for the remaining time and then of course finish with a walk to cool down

  • Definitely going to download Runkeeper, thanks!

  • I felt exactly like you when I graduated but got some great advice on this forum. I am using week 9 of C25K again but with Mr Smooth instead of Jo Whiley. It's really helped as I now have some structure. I actually ran without listening to music yesterday - found it quite liberating!

  • Oh really?! That's a great idea to change the voice too, thank you x

  • It makes you appreciate proper tunes. Speaking of which, there are hundred of free ones on the Sami murphy Bridge to 10k podcasts

  • I worry that I'll be put off running!! I think I'm going to go back and keep doing old week 9s for a while 😊

  • Hi I graduated in June and I just keep listening to week 9 over and over again, I do run the five minute cool down and keep going if I feel like it and then just do the cool down walk when I stop, if that makes sense. I also have my own music playing while I run. Works for me πŸ˜€

  • Hi Katy. Brilliant that's definitely what I'm going to do! I need decent music to run with 😊

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