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Not using podcasts anymore - Am I missing any tips from Laura?

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Since w6r2 I haven't used the podcasts as really couldn't stand the music so created my own playlists for 25mins 28 mins and 30 mins (roughly - always slightly more) and have used them since the 'long' runs without the walks,The podcasts were really useful to tell me when to run and when to walk but now its just running I prefer my own music tastes. I am now on wk8r2 and doing ok.........but feel I may be missing out on some of Laura's running tips. Can any of you guys summarise the best tips you picked up in the last three weeks of the podcasts? thanks

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I'm not using the podcasts for the long runs either but I always whip through them before my run to find out what she says. At the beginning of Week 7 I heard the words 'relentless' and 'monotony' and knew I'd made the right decision!


Yeap same here, on week 8 now and gave up on the podcasts as I find I run better with my own music


You miss out on Laura saying things like "you're halfway through" and of course "you're doing really well", but I think th other issue might be pace. On the graduate runs there's a lot of talk about beats per minute. It's surpising how few songs have a bpm of 145 or more. So its worth looking them up.


At first I previewed the NHS ones and matched the time and BPM of Laura's music with tracks of my own. However since running to my own music I find I don't run to the beat anyway. The only bit I missed was Laura telling me that I'm officially a runner in week 8.


I gave up on the podcasts cos of the music for w8 and 9 although I listened in to Laura for my graduation run. But regarding the running tips, she becomes a little distant for the longer runs, so you're not missing a lot.

However, when you've graduated I can highly recommend the C25k+ podcasts when Laura is back giving helpful tips and encouraging you throughout the runs. They are really excellent and although I graduated over a year ago I still do them! especially Speed which is fantastic if you're short on time. Don't be daunted, I was so apprehensive I wouldn't be able to do them that I listened to them all first!! How sad is that!


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