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Phew ! W1R1 for the first time

oh gosh..I thought I was reasonably fit.......but I was definitely sweating, puffing and struggling by the last run.. I know my asthma can hold me back a bit (mostly feeling as if I am not getting enough air into me) but I'm sure sticking with this will make me so much fitter. And now I have got the knack of actually putting the podcast on my wee Shuffle (grin!)......

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Well done! You have taken the first step in a really great programme! Congratulations you! Be sure to keep blogging about how you get on :)


Brilliant Meriad! you got out there and started - the worst is over :-). the only way is up now! (she says, singing like Yazz...... was it yazz? anyway,, you know what i mean!)

have a well derserved rest and then get back out there for run 2. You can do it!!

keep us all posted.



Excellent Meriad ! The first run has got to be trhe worst and you have that under your belt now.

I did my 2nd run yesterday, it gets a little easier, I wasn't as out of breath !

Allie x


Well done, Meriad! That's a great achievement - the first run is harder than many of the others that follow in my experience. You're on the program now - look forward to achieving more than you can imagine and joining in with all the chat about about running shoes and gaining muscles and getting new gear . . . brilliant!


WELCOME! True, the first week is the worse, just committing to doing something to make you fitter. Week 1 is a rude awakening for many of us who think we are somewhat fit! Each run is a challenge, but you will be amazed how you progress every single run. Just know you have all of us here to turn to for support and motivation! :-) Gayle


Hi Meriad well done and welcome to the fold. Keep going, its not easy but it does get better. When you get confident about entering an organised run, you won't believe the amount of encouragement you get. Keep going x


Meriad, well done for starting. You'll feel less outta breath in no time and by then it'll be your legs that ache not your lungs (he he). Very best of luck with the program, keep us informed as to how you get on...x x


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