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First time for everything

Well, I braved an early morning run (6am, so a late run compared to my normal early starts :-) ) Having run the route a few times during the day at weekends, I was feeling more confident about running in the dark mornings. I was prepared with a hi-vis, head torch and hand torch and had new trainers to boot. Just a short 40 minute interval session, and I am feeling more confident about going out in the mornings before work. What I hadn't prepared for was the ice on the roads, so I was glad I had both torches with me this morning. I will need to find my hi-vis waterproof though. I thought I'd packed in a suitcase but haven't found it yet, so slightly worried as I can't think where else I would have packed it during my house move.

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Fantastic to hear you're feeling happy to run first thing. You're braver than me at the moment. It was like glass on the roads round here this morning. Hope that jacket turns up soon.


Hi Tanyag, good for you getting out there so early :-) 6am and that's a late one?! :-O


Brilliant Tanyag sounds like a great session!


Well done!! Ice is a dangerous one. Hope the jacket will turn up, they always do. I am always doing this, I am going to pack this somewhere safe so It won't get lost. Then it's where did I put it.


Well done Tanya, sounds like you had a really good run there !

Oh I can relate to putting stuff away for safe keeping and then not been able to find it. :-D

Ive got a Wi -Fit here that I havent seen since I moved in . Ive got the board but cant find the actual box and controls. It is driving me flippin' mad . Pah !

Good luck with finding your jacket, Tan and I hope everything is okay with you xxx


Great stuff that you're getting out there Tanya, but be careful with that ice. Don't break any legs, you hear?


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