Disappointed for first time!

Just drove the route that I ran on Friday for W6R3 and discovered that I only travelled 1.8 miles in 25 mins :( ! I have to admit I am disappointed a: I thought it was further, and b: how on earth an I ever going to run nearly double that distance in another 5 minutes :o !!! Don't get me wrong, I am grateful that I ran 1.8 miles non-stop - beyond my wildest dreams - just seems such a mountain to climb still...xx


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  • No, no, no, don't let disappointment in, gremlins have a habit of following.

    Couch to 5k really, really should be read as couch to 30 minutes- especially as the majority of us truly do start from the couch.

    Just a wee while ago would you believe that you could run 1.8 miles?

    Don't focus on the distance, just keep going.

    Many, many people run for years and still don't break a 30 minute 5k. If that is a main goal then you can work on that post-graduation, if not, just enjoy the fitness gained :)

  • Well done on you achievement so far, brilliant! Week 9 requires you to run 3 x 30mins. You do not need to run 5k in 30 mins, you can aim for that post graduation if you want to. However many graduates do not ever cover 5k in 30 mins 😀🏃🏻‍♀️

  • I graduated at the end of October with 30 mins at 3.95k and today I ran a park run (5k) in 35m 10s. So still not at that 5k/30m number despite running 3 times a week. What I'm trying to say is that it is the 30m running that matters, not the distance. Speed will come - mine is - so don't get disheartened. As others on this forum have said, 'couch to 5k' has a far better ring to it than 'couch to 30 mins'. So don't worry, go out and nail that 30 mins (when the programme tells you to!) then build speed after graduation. There are some very helpful post-grad podcasts and tips that will help you do exactly that. Or you may decide to do the 'bridge to 10k' programme - the world is your oyster.

    Also remember that this running lark is supposed to be fun so don't beat yourself up over speed and lose the enjoyment.

  • That's nearly 3k Don't be disappointed! My graduation run was just under 3k😀 I was ecstatic! You're doing great😊😊😊

  • Distance is a target for another day - this journey is to get out there and keep moving for the allotted time.

    I believe you are smashing it, so don't worry about stuff that you don't need to bother with just yet.

  • Forget distance.. forget speed. Just run... for 25 minutes!!! Wow!

    A mountain to climb ? Nonsense, just look down and see how far you have already climbed :)

  • I keep meaning to drive my route, don't think it's very long.. am wondering now!

  • You don't have to drive your route to find the distance. Log on to walkjogrun.net and you can plot it out on a map and see the distance , or you can do the same on MapMyRun. But remember it's not the distance that's important but running for the allotted time.

  • It is long! Much MUCH longer than anything you ever walked to sit on the Couch :) For us lot it's about our personal effort - not some distance or speed or suchlike that tries to persuade us we are a "loser" if we don't make it :) ONLY thing that should matter is - is it enjoyable on at least some level :)

  • Please don't even think about what distance you are covering at the moment... You are training to run for 30 mins non stop..and you WILL...

    You have finished Week 6, and look what you have achieved a 25 min run..

    There is plenty more to come and you have to be patient and let it happen gradually. You only have to see posts from graduates on here to realise that you will be capable of much more in time, we all started from the couch just like you.

    (I have run over 8k, and will be trying for 10k as the weather gets better, but most runs just enjoy the boost I get for running for 30 mins about 4k)

    So, no more feeling disappointed, be delighted in your acheivement. I'm sure thats what Laura would say too..😊xxx

  • I agree with all the other answers ...don't worry about distance, look at how much you have achieved since you started. You can run nonstop for 25 mins- wonderful! I bet you never thought you could do that when you started out. Give yourself a big pat on the back for getting out there and running, never mind the distance, just enjoy getting fit & being in the fresh air but most of all enjoy your run x

  • Totally agree with all the other replies. When I realised I wasn't covering 5k in 30 mins I was disappointed too. So, one day I kept going until I DID reach 5k and it took me 36 mins. Sometimes it takes me longer than that if I'm very tired but usually it's around that mark, give or take a minute or so! When I go out now I decide what I'm going to do. I may run until I reach 5k (however long it takes) or I may just tell myself I'll run for half an hour. I also have a 4K and 3k route in my head and also a "quick" one-miler for days when I feel I need to do something but am too tired to do much. I like the mantra "there's no such thing as a bad run". I figure ANYTHING is better than nothing.

  • The destination doesn't matter it's the journey that's important. Slow and steady will get you there, well done so far and just keep on keeping on :D

  • Back in November I surprised the heck out of myself by running a 5K race in 33:45. Day before yesterday I was thrilled that - getting back in the swing of things after a month off - I ran 5K in 42 minutes :)

    It's all about the Running bit is all :) The distance/time is just a fun bet I have with myself ;)

  • Me too Irish-John, I just go with the flow & enjoy the run; if I do 5k ok, if I don't...who cares? We are lapping everyone sitting on their bum :D

  • Absolutely :)

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