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Stepping Stones is starting to feel easier, yay!

Well I was a bit nervous today as I haven't run since last Friday due to a combination of beyond-my-control time management issues. But I felt like a run (this is absolutely a first for me!) and the sun was shining, so out I went.

Since my early-october ankle sprain, I have been gradually getting back into the swing by repeating week 9. Well, I've really had enough of you and Julie (week 9'ers will know what I mean!). So I dug out the Stepping Stones podcast. To my surprise it went absolutely fine, and I even enjoyed it! Ankle and knee both feel fine (an advantage of the enforced rest is that my knee has stopped complaining). This is enormously encouraging.

I still ran only about 3.5km though. I guess I'll have to start digging out "speed" and "stamina" as well if I'm going to do that 5k park run in any sort of decent time (they stop recording at 45 mins apparently!). Still, not bad for a fat old bird.

Happy running everyone!



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You've definitely got the running bug :)

Well done and don't worry yet about the Park Runs - that'll come.

Just be careful with that ankle.


Thank you :-) yes I have the bug, never thought it would happen to me! I do try to be careful with the ankle, it only gets sprained if I am not paying attention!


Well done! I'm currently building up again after an ankle injury too. It's tough and so tempting to push yourself but just not worth it. Patience and persistence! Keep going and good luck!


Thanks Gridlet! I'm taking it gradually and it all seems to be going fine at the moment. Hope you are getting there too. My ankle is a recurring sprain, I have a weakness which means that uneven pavements can just throw me down. :-(


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