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Hmmmm wondering how to start week 2

So this is my dilemma. Already! Doing my last run of week 1 tomorrow morning. Friday, day off. Saturday I am going to the big smoke for a child free couple of days of pure indulgence. Not back until Sunday night. Do I start week 2 Saturday morning before I go? Keeping up the momentum and setting myself up for the weekend. OR do I just wait til Monday and face the guilt??

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Sounds lovely Tricia; enjoy the indulgence and the "date weekend"!

If you can fit it in Saturday morning without delaying your departure or causing you to rush around then fine but if you tend to ache after a run then I would leave it until Monday. You dont want anything to interfere with your fun and a couple of days rest from running wont harm at all so no need to feel guilty! Enjoy!! Sue x


Thanks Sue, I think I'm inclined to do the Saturday. I was just wondering if week 2 was a big jump from week one? I like to run quite early as it sets me up for the day. ( hark at me! Only done 2 runs ;) X


It will be 6 x 1.5 mins so overall it will be 9 mins as opposed to the 8 mins of week 1. It is certainly doable as the programe is set that way so you dont overstretch yourself week on week; no weeks are really a big jump though sometimes it is in our mind.....Just go at a steady pace and dont start too fast and you will be fine. It is nice to run early as it makes you feel good for the rest of the day!

You are still getting your rest day (I think some may have misread your blog...) so thats fine, you are not doing anything wrong.

Have a good run tomorrow too and I look forward to reading how they went Sx


Yep - I misread your running/rest days - sorry my brain is addled. I think Sue is spot on in everything she has said.

Whatever you do enjoy the weekend.


I don't know too much about the workings of the body but the programme does say have a rest day. Quite a few people have stressed it is important to have a rest day. My weekends are very active so I have chosen to have every Saturday and Sunday off.

Perhaps it depends how fit you were before you started and how hard you are finding week 1.

For me I start every week on a Monday without any guilt.

Enjoy your weekend. You've earnt it after completing week 1.



ooohh lovely Trisha - enjoy your days away!!

for me, I found the jump up to week 2 pretty hard, but its all relative as we're all different.

but I totally agree with the need for one days rest imbetween.

maybe see how your run goes tomorrow. if you struggle a bit, perhaps re-do it when you get back one more time or, if you feel pretty ok tomorrow then tackle the new week head on when you get back!??! grrrr!

dont overdo it, we need you to get through this without you thinking you cant do it - because YOU CAN!!

keep running!

:-) ali


I usually do my runs in the week and have the weekends off, but if something happens during the week then i have the weekend as an option for running - If it was me going away for a child free weekend of fun and good times i would have the weekend off and run on monday - and as people say you can always re do a run..have a great weekend and come back geared up for week 2 :)


What do you feel like doing? If you feel like running early before you leave, do it! If you would rather take an extra day or two, do it!! The program is not so strict that you can't miss a day or two when life gets in the way.

How good is any running or exercise program if it can't adjust to real life? Even more important, how likely are you to always follow a program that is written in stone with no exceptions?

Sue's advice is spot on!! If you make the run early Saturday...great. If you wait until you return, that is wonderful also and there is no need to worry about it!!

Have a wonderful weekend either way and when you return...Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks everyone for your support. The runn was great this morning. Week one in the bag!! Yehh!! Feeling great. I am going to take your advice Steve and see how I am feeling on Saturday. I'll let you all know how I got on next week. Thanks again. What a fabulous network of people this is :)


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