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Week 2 run 2 ...worrying symptoms

Afternoon ...been a glorious clear , sunny but cold day here...

Completed my run this morning, once again did it on the park run course...once again leg hurts and can’t breathe , but I finished it..but a worrying thing is beginning to happen..

I was at work yesterday and....god help me...I actually started to look forward to my run today...and then after today, once I had finished coughing and spluttering my guts up..it occurred to me I can’t run now till Saturday ( Work commitments) and that kinda annoys me...?!?!?...what is happening !!!!...have I caught the beginnings of the disease “ runner”..

Gonna sit down with a gin and tonic (slim line ofcourse) and pray it’s not a terminal condition..

80% certain I’m gonna do the park run on Saturday...the idea has got under my skin and I can’t seem to shake it . Aiming to put my ear phones in, do my next episode (week 2 run 3) then walk the rest of the way to finish line.

Fair warning, if this happens , and I complete a 5k, all be it walking and running,even if it takes me over an hour...I shall start mentioning myself in the third person as “the athelete” from then on 🧐

Laters 👋🏻

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The simplest way to test if you have the running bug is to find your local independent running store, go in, and browse the running jackets, tops, tights, gloves, hi-vis winter accessories, buffs, running socks... Then weigh the shopping bag when you get home (or virtually weigh your wish list if pay day is still some weeks off).

parkrun: at the start, I suggest that you walk for 5 minutes (let the speed merchants get out of your way) then start the app/podcast and do the 'official' warm-up. That way you'll have some clear track to yourself and can concentrate. Make sure that you start at the back so that you are not mown down.


see my recent post :(


I see what you mean :-)


I'm afraid you're hooked. no hope for you now. You will be caught caressing lycra in your local running shop and emerging clutching bags of garish looking things that you wouldn't have been seen dead in before.


You are hooked 😊..do go easy at Parkrun, do as MarkyD suggests and only do your session then walk...you don't want to pick up an injury.

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Thanks for all the advice guys


Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear you have a bug. At least this one isn't terminal but definitely contagious so your friends and family need to watch out!

You can definitely walk a park run I think the walk 5 mins then start your warm up walk is a great idea that way you'll be running more further into the course.

Have fun and soak up the atmosphere but keep at your pace 👍


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