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Craammmpppp!!! - W2R2, ouchie!

Hi everyone!!

Hope you are all having lovely weeks?

I woke up this morning knowing I made the mistake of not getting enough sleep. 6 hours is not enough!! However, I got up at the usual 6:55 and set off for W2R2.

I felt urgh, but I knew I'd done the run before and would be ok. Got to the third run and bam! Cramp in my left calf, it felt like lead! I struggled limping/dragging my legs along until Laura said to walk. I knew I was in a bit of trouble so begrudgingly I paused the podcast. I did some stretches and walked it off. Once I felt ok, I started to feel like I'd failed the run, so I whizzed back to repeat my limpy run and finish the session. It hurt, but I ran through the pain! So technically I suppose I did one more run!

I think thats a successful session? Covered in deep heat, massaged the muscle and had a hot shower...feels a million times better now. Hopefully it won't catch me out again!

Onto W2R3 on Thursday :)

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Well done for completing the run, make sure you don't injure yourself though. Good luck for your run on Thursday


I echo what rolphie said, great for completing the run but don't hurt yourself. Hoping the next run goes better! :-) Gayle


I do my second w2 run tomorrow - hope your third run goes better than this one! But well done for getting thru it.

I have no idea if this applies to you, but my son had quite bad cramps when he was little and after much discussion with his pediatrician we changed his diet a little to up his green vegi intake and added a multi vitamin (he'd had any number of health issues so appetite was a problem as well as food aversion). Anyway it seemed to resolve it for him....Might be worth asking the experienced people around here if diets can play a part in cramps?


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