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So all day I kept putting off going for run, then I said I’d leave it for tomorrow cause basically I couldn’t be bothered. But I pushed my self to go and to be honest I finished the 2nd run without stopping once (which I’m chuffed about) but it didn’t feel as bad as I thought it would

So I’ m feeling a lot better

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Brilliant! 😄We’ve all had these conversations with ourselves and it just feels so great when you just do it! 😀 The difference between 😔 and 😇! 👍

Yolus in reply to Gannet1

Thanks I really appreciate that. Wasn’t sure about this forum at first but reading the posts and seeing others go/gone through the same does help😁👍👍👍

Gannet1Graduate in reply to Yolus

There’s no way I’d have been half as motivated if I hadn’t stumbled across this forum! It’s such a positive and encouraging atmosphere. 😀 Look forward you hearing about your progress. Enjoy! 👍☀️🏃‍♀️

Awesome, well done for making yourself get out for that run. 😀


Well done 👍

The hardest part is getting out of your front door. Try not to over think it, just go. You always feel so much better after you’ve been and I used to think I hated running! X


So true, CatV22, it's only your head telling you not to go out, your body is yelling at you to do it! :)


I actually find the ones I don’t have the motivation for or put little pressure on myself about doing it end up being my best runs. Well done for pushing through!

Great work Yolus I am still at the putting off stage so admire you for getting there.

Thanks for al the support, this forum reading other stories and the support has helped more than you’ll know. So thanks again 😀😀😀😀😀

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