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Week 6, Run 1 - done and a record distance for me!

Well after the exhilaration of getting through run 3 of week 5 and the non-stop 20 minutes, I was a little cheesed off to discover we are back to the stoppy/starty at least for this and run 2 of week 6. So after making a playlist yesterday, I will save this for run 3 where its a non-stop one again, and stuck with the lovely Laura and her rubbish music for today.

All fine, although this Monday its my left hip and top of my thigh that are making themselves known! Its fine though - didn't stop me and I was delighted to discover I have run my personal best distance so far of 4.14k. I am so chuffed with myself. Even Mr Sue is suitably impressed :)

Off out for a walk later this afternoon - leisurely this time, so hope this will loosen the leg and hip muscles a little. Looking forward to Wednesday and Run 2. I'm on leave from work this week so will be able to do it in the daylight as well, which is a huge bonus after last week's Wednesday evening session staring at the curtains! :)

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I'm very impressed, not just the fact you've done your personal best today but that you are also going out for a walk! Well done you.


Thanks GoldenOldy. Probably added another 2miles to today's efforts with the walking. It was just one end of the town to the other but it all adds up. My thighs know about it anyway! :)


Well look at you!!! Well done!!! ;-) I started having hip issues about that same week. I believe it is from the longer runs as we build up our strength. Do you have any type of penetrating muscle cream? I rub it on my hip area right before a run and it seems to help with the pain...or it could be because all i can feel is the burn! ;-) I am happy to see you progressing at the rate you are, you will soon have a pretty badge next to your name! :-) Gayle


I know Gayle, check me out! Mind you can't even think about the green badge...yet!

Thinking I might rub some heat cream in tonight to see if that helps. Hopefully its just a niggle. I do seem to have one at least once a week and it alternates sides! Things would have to be really bad though to stop me at the moment. I am really into it and look forward to the runs. Have cut out my kettlebell workouts for the moment so I can concentrate on this. Don't want to overdo it and hurt myself - not when I'm over half way through. x


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