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Life is getting in my way!

Terrible confession.... I've not been for a run in 2 weeks now...

But it's not through lack of interest! Two weeks ago I finished week 5, elated that I had gotten so far. I'd just bought some brand new kit as a reward, and then the work came flooding in! For the past two weeks I've been working 14 hour days, non-stop, with no energy or time to go for any runs whatsoever!

I found myself, on my way to work, walking past my running route and yearning to go for a run (something I never thought I'd be yearning for 7 weeks ago!). I'm also finding myself getting angry that I've allowed myself to get used to not running when I was doing so well and feeling so proud of myself, not to mention the fact that I haven't had a go at running in my new kit yet!

After a lovely, relaxing Sunday, I'm planning to go for a run tomorrow, but am a little bit nervous about how much my fitness will have declined.

Should I go back to week 3? Week 4? Have a go at re-doing week 5? I have no idea where I should be now in terms of the programme! Please help!

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Hey Caroline, dont beat yourself up - life, unfortunately does get in the way sometimes but you wont lose it in 2 weeks, honest. Why not try week 5 again to build up to the 20 mins again, I'm sure you will be fine because you still have the motivation there.

Its amazing how quickly we get bitten by the bug isnt it that we actually miss running....

Good luck and enjoy wearing the new gear - that will make you get through it! Sue


I agree completely with Sue!!

First, don't beat yourself up. My thoughts are how good is an exercise program if it can't adapt to life. There will be times when life gets in the way of our runs, our plans or our desires. What is important is that this is the exception and not the rule. You will be fine.

Secondly, I also suggest giving W5 a go. Why should you go back to W3 if you don't need to? Have faith in your body and more importantly, HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF!! Not to mention, new gear makes you a better runner and much faster!! :-)

Keep Running!! YOU CAN DO THIS!! :-)



I agree with Sue and Steve, start with week 5 and see how you do. The motivation and desire is there to help you along. Wishing you a successful run and hoping life slows down for you a bit!!! :-) Good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Gayle


I have just had 2 weeks off, due to illness and injury. Started back last week and found it much easier than I thought I would. Start again and see how you go! Good luck.


Hey Caroliney.we all have busy lives and hopefully we find time to run...I know how you feel but the great news is you miss running and not just dodging it because you can't be bothered. Go for a run and see what you can do. You haven't lost anything . Get out there and enjoy it. If I can get to week 9 then you can. I repeated runs here and there and went with the flow . Not strictly to the programme but that's life. I moved up a week when ready and here I am post week 9. Enjoy .


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