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keeping it up, and getting lost


Hi everyone. Just posting to keep up my motivation to keep up the running after graduation. Have been out twice this week as planned. Didn't take the pooch because I didn't want to run in the woods where the "paths" are steep and covered with leaves so that you can't see the tree roots. I'll walk with her there this afternoon, as it is really lovely (and muddy). So I've been out pounding the pavements. My plan is this - walk 5 mins, run 4k - however long that takes (usually about 35 minutes as it is up and down hill everywhere around here) and then walk home to make it up to about 5 k altogether. This is roughly the 10% increase from week 9. I'll see how I get on with this for a couple of weeks and maybe add half a km to the run bit. Somehow it seems more appealing to me to increase the run distance rather than the time running - although they are of course intimately connected. So today I actually planned a 5km route around the area where I live - managed to work out how to do this on Garmin. But of course I didn't keep to the route "oh, I'll just have a look where this road goes" etc. I then had to work out how to get home and ended up taking short cuts which ended up going round in circles. I also discovered that I'd forgotten to press START on my walk meter app, so I didn't know which way was home. I was never far away from home, but ended up doing a 2.5 k warm down walk in the rain. 7k altogether. Feels good to have been out and done something for me, and the whole day ahead to do other things .

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Well done Bonnie sounds like a great start to the day.

misswobbleGraduate in reply to GettingFitter

Well done Bonnie, that's a great start to anyone's day! I love exploring my neighbourhood but you still find bits you've not previously covered, so there's always new ground to break. I often go exploring with the dog first to suss out suitable new running territory. I don't mind ending my run quite a ways away from home as the walk back is always warm and glowy!

Have a lovely rest of your day!

BonniesinghGraduate in reply to misswobble

Thanks both!!


Sounds like you had fun exploring and finding a new route!! Sounds like you have a good plan that your working towards, i increased distance rather than time. It worked well for me.

BonniesinghGraduate in reply to Vixchile

thanks. not sure why, but measuring distance seems more satisfying than time - I run the distance I'm aiming for - at the moment 4k (with a struggle sometimes) - but I might have to walk up and down outside the house to make the total 5 or 6 k - silly but makes me feel better.!!!

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