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W1R1 finally achieved

Today must have been about my 6th attempt at W1R1 since my first attempt back at the beginning of September.

I have suffered one injury after another and never managed to complete a whole session, but that just served to make me more determined. So today, when the friend that was going to do this thing with me called off with a chest infection, I strapped my calf in three layers of tubigrip, put Laura in my pocket and braved what I imagined was going to be the deafening laughter of the public at large and went alone. I dragged my middle-aged, overweight, asthmatic, anaemic and epileptic body through two miles of walk run wheeze, walk run wheeze, and, apart from nearly losing my trousers due to my keys dragging them down and the smoke of a freshly lit garden fire (which smelt lovely but was not kind to my lungs), I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was just what I needed after a stressful week treating the eating disordered of Gloucestershire. I can already see why people do this running thing!

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What a brilliant blog and a great achievement, earl-gray! You're on your way to a new life as a runner! Best wishes for your journey and keep up-dating us with your progress! :)


welcome earl grey sian to this running marlarky!! it does get addictive if you're determined ..... :-)

i love your blog --- wheeze walk run wheeze!! sounds just like me too!

keep enjoying the program. Keep blogging and keep running!!

:-) ali


Brilliant blog. You really can do it. Keep running and keep blogging so we can all share your achievements. Good luck.


Thank you one and all.

I'm planning my second run for Sunday.

Tomorrow is already earmarked for de-cluttering my bedroom. I'm wondering if I still have a desk under the 2 sewing machines and acres of left-over fabric. I might even have carpet on the floor somewhere. By the time I finish it'll probably be minimalist, I get quite ruthless once I get started. My partner just hopes he still has a bed to get into tomorrow night.

I think I might need a dust mask if I intend using my lungs on Sunday!


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