Hmmm not so bad , time went quick ,seem to recover ok after runs , difficult to know what pace is good or right as you start .

1 Thing i did find was that usuing the app on my mob wasnt a good thing, I am almost sure it was freezing and almost doubling the time of teeh wlaks/runs?? binned the app, and started again today with the podcasts, perfect 30 mins and not an hour ,no wonder i felt so knackered lol

Anyway onwards and upwards R2 on Thursday

Ps I even ate a Banana after my run,unheard of, me eating fruits?? what next haha


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23 Replies

  • Hey well done for starting !

    The app is flawed and me and others switched to the podcasts off the website.

    Good luck with R2 :)

  • Thanks Ej :D Wondered why i was out for an hour !! I am feeling very positive about the program now :D

  • Great - good luck !

  • You too :D

  • Well done for starting - yeah there seems to real issues with the app but the podcasts are perfect! Good luck with the rest of week 1 and it sounds like you have had a good start.

  • Thanks Vix :) so far so good ;)

  • Keep at it and good luck. It's amazing how quickly you progress and how good it makes you feel.

  • Thanks Run , am an ex smoker even walking was hard then, Running was for healthy people . it is surprising what you can do :D

  • Eating fruit is just the start of all the great things you are going to do. Congratulations on making the first step and joining the program!

    The podcasts are a lot better. There are many around so hunt around to see what you like!

  • Thanks so much Green :) have gone with the NHS Choices podcasts , i like laura lol

  • Hi Rob - well if you're not smoking then you are a healthy person :) I gave up smoking not that long ago and I'm now (as of today) running 25 mins non stop - and I can't even begin to think about a cigarette after all this running - wouldn't be right :)

  • Thanks again Run and well done on your not smoking and running too :) 6 months for me ., should have done it sooner , 25 mins seems like a lifetime at week1 lol but I will get there

  • You'll definitely get there - you've cracked it because week 1 is the hardest one of all in that you actually have to start running :)

  • Thanks again Run , it was a strange feeling to start with ,very self concious but now it is "so what" :D

  • Aw well done Rob for taking that first step . I always thought the only way you could get me to run was if someone ran in front of me dangling 20 fags on a stick :-D

    I used to love smoking , but I love running more, I couldn't do both so something had to give . I have been stopped 2 years next week .

    Keep posting of your progress on here , it really helps and all the best for Run 2 , oh and push the boat out , have an apple as well ha ha :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy :) ye sthose stinky little white sticks were are real chain around me too .no more though :)

    Will keep everyone updated :) Apple?? that maybe a step to far haha ;)

  • :-) xxx

  • Good work on getting out there. And yes, banana consumption does go up drastically once you start the program :)

  • Thanks Runs :) have Told tesco's to increase their stock levels :)

  • Hi Rob and welcome. Congratulations on starting your C25k journey :) Good luck for your next run on Thursday! Keep us posted about your progress won't you?

  • Hi Mamma and thanks :-D looking forward to posting my progress.

  • You'll have finished the nine weeks before you know where you are, and then you'll start booking races. And visiting running shops. And checking split times and running routes. And finding friends to run with and talk about running. And well, your life will change.

    Welcome to the mad house :-)

  • Thanks Iam ,it does seem like a whole new world :)

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