I finally plucked up the courage to get out and do my first run yesterday and boy was it hard!

I managed to do all the 60 seconds of "running" except the last one, i had to stop a bit early because I was going up hill and my legs couldn't cope.

On my cool down walk my muscles down my shins felt so tight I thought they were going to explode but managed to finish.

Lower legs and ankles don't feel too bad today but I hope they won't feel that tight at the end of every run, I'm not really looking forward to W1R2.

Hope it gets better

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  • Well done on day 1 brilliant start try slowing the running down to a light jog if need be to do the time and not worry about the speed. Have your rest day and hopefully you will be ready for your next run. I am only on week 2 but the first time I did the programme I failed as I was doing hill walking on my rest day!

  • Yip good advice - go slowly. I've tortoised my way to week 9 and it really does work!

  • Well done u, Ive just done wk1 r2 and again enjoyed it, legs were a little sore yesterday but felt better today :-)

  • Well done, no need to rush anything take your time. My legs hurt so much when i started, but its getting better, well it still hurts but its a good thing :)

  • "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

    Well done, Muffintop...listen to your body, take it easy, and don't get discouraged. I had to talk myself through every run of W1....having said that, now I'm talking myself through W2 (lol). But it IS getting better...

  • Good Going Muffintop, Im about to start week 3 and like you suffered in week 1, Im slowly becomming more confident in myself and less achey, keep it up x

  • Hi! I've been on week 1 for a few weeks now and keep repeating as I still haven't managed to do it all without stopping. My ankles and shins really hurt. I have to do loads of ankle stretches before I start and I cant run too fast as I get out of breath and feel like I'm going to die. It's a good job I run at 6am when no-one is up as I curse like a trooper at the poor couch to 5K lady. Mainly 'why is this 60 seconds taking so long?!!' I will get to week 2 one day! xx

  • I did week 1 r1 last night - i made sure to take it very slowly on the running. And in the end I found it quite comfortable!

    Obviously I'm only 1% in, but I found that a slow jog worked for me.

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