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Guisers and Gadgets

Last run of week 7 for me. A nice autumnal lunchtime run which was much needed after last nights halloween piggery.

We had plenty of 'guisers' (what we in the frozen north call trick or treaters) but still seemed to have lots of sweets left over. Hopefully I didn't over-indulge too much.

I also took up clare7645's suggestion and tried the sportstracker app.

I'm not going to make a habit of putting these stats up but for what it's worth my distance was 4.53 km so only half a k to go....

Average speed of 10.2 km/h and max speed of 15.7 km/h (that will be when that fast song starts on my playlist, I made it the second last one to give me a boost).

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Well done on completing week 7 :-) I've only started to use a tracking app to help to motivate me as the runs get longer.

I like your idea of having a particular song that is faster or pushes you on towards the end of your playlist. I have a Florence and the machine song towards the end of my playlist, which although I really like, it isn't particularly fast and I think doesn't help with making me feel like the last two minutes or three minutes are going slowly. So, I think I'll take your advice on reshuffle my playlist slightly.

Good luck with week eight :-)



Well done mabbers! Your pace and distance sounds great! :-) WELCOME TO WEEK 8! Gayle


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