W7R2, new shoes!

W7R2, new shoes!

I decided to have my gait analysis done last Friday and bought a new pair of running shoes. Yesterday was the second day I wore them and I managed to increase my run speed, OK only by 0.1 km/h, but at least it meant that I posted my fastest 3km time yet! What I didn't understand was why it didn't give me a fastest time for my 4km too. ☹️️ I'm only getting to about 4.6km including my warm up walk and warm down, and I'm using the treadmill in my gym as I don't have a way to record my runs outside. I update my info manually onto Strava when I get home. I thought I would be brave and run outside once I can run for 30 minutes!


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19 Replies

  • You are running well! :) Don't worry about speed/distance at this point, darn few graduate "on time, in distance". :)

    I like the shoe colour! Very subtle but classy, wishing you many happy miles in them ☺

  • Thank you! Happy running to you too!

  • Very stylish shoes and your speed and distance is not important. I've been graduated a while and still can't run 5km in 30 minutes. I can't recommend running outdoors enough - much more exciting than a treadmil, or as I like to call them, a hamster wheel!

  • Thank you. I'll go for it tomorrow if the weather is good 😊

  • Great shoes. Take them outside they will love it! And you are doing really well, don't worry about speed or the full 30 minutes. No one out there will know how long or how far you've gone. I have a friend who runs 20 minutes 3X a week and has been doing that for 20 or so years, she's not fast either. I used a treadmill 15 years ago and believe me outside is better.

  • Thank you for the advice. If the weather is as beautiful as today, I'll run outside tomorrow!

  • Nice shoes! You can get a Garmin gps watch or similar to record your runs outside, I use one all the time..😊

  • Great advice, I'll look into them, thank you.

  • I love the COLOUR! Gorgeous 😊

    Deffo take em outdoors for a spin

  • Thank you. I will do!

  • I think you got the message as the song goes "come outside " You may be too young to remember my namesake Joe Brown !

    Not sure about the weather being beautiful ? If in UK I had bit of shock running on my first chilly Frosty morning. Forgot to add an extra layer I think . Took a while to warm up .

  • I just bought a long sleeved compression thermal base layer for £7.99 on Amazon😊

  • This is what I meant by being beautiful because I went out rowing this morning, but I agree, it was very cold! Will have to forward photo separately.

  • Never met anyone on this site rowing in the morning . Good on you. By the way it wasn't Joe Brown who did the original song "come outside". Sorry can't give any advice on rowing.

    I forgot to add for running I've found by running extra time and distance it has built up stamina. Run 40 minutes and a bit over 6K now. find that if I drop down to 5K my run is easier and then hopefully pick up the pace. Although good to have a target I don't worry about it. My speed tends to increase naturally over time without trying too hard.

    Think as others have said not to worry too much about speed . Over 5K still running only about 33 minutes. Main thing is to be happy and working towards your original motivation for running. For me I'm happy with my health and wellbeing and running is now a good habit. Like many here couldn't run for a bus back in March/April and have to pinch myself to think how far I can run now .

  • Great advice thank you. I've heard that over distance training works well. I do that with rowing too, so must probably work across all sports. Can't get my head around running 28 minutes next week, only just about able to run for 25, though I suppose if I didn't "go for it" in the last minute as our Laura suggests, I might be able to plod on for an extra three minutes ;)

  • Mike Sarne😊

  • Thanks. Just about to look it up. Think there was also a woman doing duet with him I think ? Totally distracted now It's my own fault trying to find songs to solve running problems !! I'll be singing "My old mans a dustman" on my Sunday run !

    Thanks for the thermals tip.

  • Duetted with Wendy Richard.. Come outsiiide! Come outsiiide! There's a luvvely moon up there! Oh! Give ovver! Your only after one thing you are!😁.... well, it went something like that..😊

  • I listened to it on You Tube, it made me laugh. I've ordered a Garmin watch and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Trying to now work out what fitness gear I have that I could use for running outdoors. Need to buy a water bottle for sure. Don't think I'll get a run in today, too much work to do, but may try going out this evening 😬🏃🏼‍♀️

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