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Week 5, Run 2 - uninspiring but done!

Managed it ok - was a little apprehensive to start with but found the 8mins fine. No niggle in my hip which I had after Run 1 on Monday I am pleased to say, but my left thigh decided to make it known it was there for some reason!

What I didn't like at all was that usually I am looking out of the window whilst I'm on the treadmill but because I do Wednesday session after work and the clocks have gone back, it was pitch dark outside. So instead I spent the whole session staring at the curtains. I had to dig deep by about the 6th minute of run 2! LOL. It was sooooo boring. Oh well, its unavoidable unfortunately. Perhaps I should stick a picture up of a nice beach scene to stare at next week, eh!

Looking forward to Saturday now and going for the 20 minute run (eek) in daylight! :)

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