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Week 5 Run 2 completed...well kind of!!!

well a day late but tonight I attempted this session. Too tired last night to do it so really wanted to make the effort today but knew i had plumber coming to quote for an urgent repair, so had to rush from work to the gym

now i've just signed up to my council gym(s) which is a great deal with access to 5 gyms. My usual one is good but the tv screens are fitted for 6 foot blokes, at 5'5" I just end up with neck ache! so, decided that as short of time i'd try the one closest to home...wish i hadn't!

started my 5 min walk and realised the machines there were set up to mph and i've been used to kph so had to get off to find instructor to sort. then used the usual 'quick start' option and off and running (literally)

6 mins and 30 seconds into the first 8 minute run and the machine switched to cool down so I inadvertently had approx 20 seconds of an unplanned rest. Annoyed that I must have caught the emergency button I restarted the machine, finished the run (wasn't quick enough to pause the mp3 player) and off I was ready for the second run

4 minutes into second run it happened again!!! Turns out the quick start only activates the machine for 10 mins (that's never happened in any gym before, though to be fair i've rarely been on them that long before either)

so while i did follow the whole programme, and know i found the session pretty good, I still feel I cheated and think I may run it again friday instead of progressing (or is that me just being chicken about a 20 min run???)

one comment on the recording today, I never understood what others meant about the music as i'd thought it great so far, but todays was really tedious and not inspiring at all, and I really would have liked to have Laura speak more than she did to keep me going

for any other 50+ folk out there then keep going, at week 2 I never thought I'd be able to run for more than 90 seconds in one go, now it's 8 minutes!! There's lots of mention of mental challenge on this one, maybe it's because i had a nice view over trees and contryside from the gym window, but I really didn't find this run a struggle at all, bring on run 3!!!

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Ha - with an attitude like that - you will smash run 3! That treadmill sounds frustrating!

You didn't cheat at all - why not go for Run 3 and see what happens? If you're enjoying it at the moment keep the momentum up and see what you can achieve. As you say, it's a mental battle just as much as a physical one.


I've just done this run too and was worried Id cheated because I had to stop to cross a road twice! Having read your blog I'm starting to see this is a bit silly - I think this is more about us doubting ourselves than anything else. Come on run 3 - we are really doing it!


I know what you mean about stopping for short periods and feeling like you are cheating. I run outside and like you Jadis sometimes have to stop to cross roads. I look a right idiot as I stand there jogging on the spot because I just can't bring myself to stop completely!


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