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Week 5 run 2! Ouch that hurt!


Just done run 2, 2× 8 min runs, i really had to push myself on the second run! HOW ON EARTH am i going to manage running for 20 mins straight on the next one?! My legs just turned into lead on the 2nd run today! I just had to keep repeating "just keep running". I can't stop looking at the clock either.

How did you manage jumping from 8 mins to 20 mins of running?

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I feel the same way! I managed W5 session 1 today and have no idea how I'll cope with session 2 and 3! Everyone on here has some great success stories though and great belief (and proof!) that it really works and you can do it!

Power through and you'll get there, believe in yourself 💪

Nat_b13 in reply to Sarahkj

Thank you, i didn't think i'd manage 5 mins of constant running let alone 8 & i did it! So i'm sure i will manage the 20, just worries me, i have never ever run for that long before.

I really don't know but this prog seems like magic as I managed it. If I can, believe me so can you 😲. Once you're past those pesky toxic 10 mins it seems to get easier for some reason. If you have to slow to a walk for 10-20 seconds every so often during the run don't see it as a fail. Even try jogging on the spot! Good luck, you'll be fine 😁

Nat_b13 in reply to badcrumble

Thank you, i am hoping it does get easier after the first 10 mins as at the moment the whole 8 mins seems awful & it really pushes me to keep going. My breathing is fine it's just my pesky legs!


Seriously this programme works, i just ran for 20 mins. After i got into a rythum it was actually easier than the shorter runs as you work through the ain and et to the good place! X you can do it, just dont think about it and go! X

Nat_b13 in reply to Michele2017

Thank you, i run on the treadmill i've not tried an out door run yet so i have to try not to look at the time on the treadmill. Think i need to just put a good playlist on & sing away to myself & hope for the best.

Michele2017Graduate in reply to Nat_b13

Yes just get some good music, or go outside and look at wonderful nature! It went so quickly I was shocked X

The way I did it was to break it up in smaller pieces. ie first 5 minute s run 15 left then 10 and so on. It’s really not as hard as it seems and just take your time.

Nat_b13 in reply to Notsobigdoug

Thank you i will try that!


You just head out.. slow and steady.. knowing you can do it... one foot after the other...start slow, stay slow... you are ready for this...please read the post put up by auntielou ....Trust the programme... believe you can do it and you are halfway there:)


Reading all the comments with interest! Well done on run 2. I have that on Thursday. Just finished 1 and so stiff! Looking forward to reading how you smashed run 3🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃

You absolutely can do it. Believe me. If you need evidence, look at my post for W5R3.


Well done on getting though run 2!

Reading with interest as I have W5 run 2 tomorrow and am also worried about my leaden legs, and run 3 looming on Friday is really daunting!! Good luck with yours, hope you power through!!


Good luck. I did W5R1 yesterday so have those runs looming close ahead....Thursday and Saturday. Hope it goes well for you


How are you travelling, seem to have gone a bit quiet? Hope all is well!

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