Three 1st's and funny legs

Three 1st's and funny legs

So today I did a long easy run and ran farther than man or woman has ever run - well ok farther than I have ever run - strange things happened though - after about 3K everything quite suddenly seemed to be easier - calf tiredness went , breathing became steadier and quite strangely my running became kind of lighter - and then my legs decided that they belonged to someone else - it wasn't so much 'jelly legs' as where have my legs gone - they just seemed to be running of their own accord - in fact I wondererd if they would be able to stop - weird - but then so is running long distances for me.

So this is the week of three 1sts -

On Monday I managed a Personal Best for 5K, knocking a whopping 1 minute 10 secs off my time - which is amazing considering that a couple of months back I couldn't run 5K - in fact the very concept felt a bit like quantum physics.

And today I ran for one whole hour and four seconds or sixty whole minutes and four seconds (I'm quite proud of the four seconds) - so that's another PB 'cos last week I felt pretty proud at 50 mins - so I'm getting there - ran a total of 9.34 KM altogether - whoopee :) Part of my ever extending route took me over the course I ran my first 20 minutes over in week 5 - I smiled to myself because back when I was fighting for breath and virtually collapsing on the ground I thought I would l never ever run for longer than 20 minutes... :)

And the final first... I wore tights - having not really been an advocate of such sissy, exhibitionist, un-British fashion for men, I actually thought they were great and so much warmer on the chilly sea front - I think the real reason I was so against man-tights was that they kind of make a statement - they say, 'I am a proper runner' and I've never really felt like a proper runner... until today :)

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56 Replies

  • Brill :D Great stuff, Runon...well done on your 1sts - love your wonky camel-ette?!

    When I read your, 'I am a proper runner' bit, I thought of the 'I do believe in fairies' bit in Hook - no comparison, but it's a nice moment that makes me smile! :D

    so, you are a proper runner, you are, you are....

  • I love the 'I do believe in fairies line' and have used it with my little dahling kiddy things when they were young and didn't think they could do something impossible :) The camel-ette would look cute with a snail-shell - it could be a snamel... erm... I'll stick to running

  • Now the snamel is a beast I would like to meet :D

  • WOW!!! wonderful ...27 feet tall, with poisonous slime...stand well back

    (well found, run-on :D)

  • Hey Crazy Legs ! Ha ha oh Runon, you do tell a good tale ! :-) You are so funny, it is a joy reading your posts :-)

    Congratulations on your PBs , those are major achievements and you should be very proud of yourself !!!

    AND ..........

    You are * drum roll * wearing .......TIGHTS !!!!

    You ARE a proper runner , you better believe it baby :-) xxx

  • Poppers - hi superstar. Thank you :) My tights have yellow flashes (not flashers) - Yep I am proud of the 60 minutes - this is so much better than smoking and cheaper too :) I have treated myself to a tiny little iPod Shuffle to play my tunes and to replace my new iPhone which is so big it will not fit on my arm anymore - there was a time when everyone was trying to make phones smaller and now we are moving back to 'bricks' - soon everyone will be carrying things the size of tellies around on their backs. Anyway did I mention 60 minutes - now how far off is China? :) Keep being amazing Poppers! XXX

  • Southport to Shanghai is 5706.71 miles , fancy that ! :-D xxx

  • Which bit of Shanghai - do you mean 上海虹桥站 (Shanghai Hongqiao Station)? or Yang's Fried-Dumpling on Ningbo Road? Either way it's not that much farther than a H.M. the way I'm feeling :) xxx

  • Ha ha , that's really good !

    Yep, I am sure the HM will happen in the not too distant future for you , keep on trucking Runon, and please can I have a number 53 with crispy noodles , ta very much :-) xxx

  • A proper runner indeed! Tights to prove it ;-) Well done. I think this site is all about 1st's for everyone. Well done on achieving so many!

  • Thank you - yes lots of firsts for everyone on this forum - even though it's a few weeks since I graduated - it is still brilliant to share the wonder of people overcoming obstacles they never thought they would achieve as they get nearer to week 9 - keep at it and good luck :)

  • Wow you have really taken this to another level - you put me to shame!

    Lovely post. Congratulations on losing your legs. I sometimes lose mine, but that's because I've got MS and they just seem to turn into pieces of meat. I like your way much better :)

  • Hey Useitorloseit - still haven't quite got my legs back either. You are doing quite brilliantly too - I think one of the beauties of this running lark other than getting fitter is doing things people don't expect us to do or think we can't do :) So much is psychological as well - when I'm trying for my longer runs, I can't look at my watch or listen to MMR until I feel near to my goal - if I'm counting down the minutes it kind of tires me out but if I've no idea then I think I can go on running forever. WEIRD :))

  • Wow, you ARE going great guns - three PBs in one week. Well done.

    Don't we get a picture of the legs in the tights with yellow flashes then? Go on!

  • Hi Babs - think the baby camel may be more appealing! The legs are getting quite muscular with all the running mind :)

  • The muscular-leg-thing kind of creeps up on you! me too! skinny jeans straining at the seams! well done Ru-non "Affectueuse que vous avez maintenant collants"(loving that you have tights now!) i'm still milking my french theme!

    Hope you had a treat after, i'm still amazed that i can run for over an hr too!( still count them on one hand though so far!)

  • Hey Aliboo - yep skinny jeans are difficult for us runner types - especially French themed runner types! And indeed running for 1 hour is more than two episodes of Eastenders and much less boring - eventually I plan to be able to run a Harry Potter film :) Long Live Men in Tights...!!!

  • Men in tights ROCK! :) Aren't they called MAMIL( middle aged men in lycra?!!!) Wow a Harry potter film is ambitious but i'm sure you'll do it! Tres Bien Ru-non! :)

  • Et Merci Aliboo - MAMIL - love that - although according to the label I think mine are 'elastaine' not Lycra - which means I am a MAMIE. Ce qui est bizarre - nest pas?

  • Mamie- i like it! :)

  • Love your post and pic! and what an amazing week for you, well done! x :-D

  • Thanks no-excuse - it's a pretty fab week all round really - must be something in the stars :) Keep Running :) XX

  • Yup, you are a proper runner :D the running tights are just a bonus , I have mine ready and waiting for the extra cold days and nights , As a bloke i love them :D :D great post on your runs , there are no ends to what we can set as goals with running :D :D

  • Hiya Rob - yes Men in tights have to stick together (if you know what I mean) - definitely a necessity for cold nights. In truth it kinda means I'm committed to keep running - I don't buy clothes I don't need ! :)

  • Men in tights Sounds like a good name for a film or have they done that :D i am quite looking forward to wearing mine :D ssh dont tell anyone :)

  • Our secret Rob - not another soul shall hear of it... :)


  • haha :D

  • Wow and wow! That's a lot of running and great PB's! And so well done on manning up and wearing tights. I love men in tights provided they can pad them out well, if you know what I mean! I'm thinking Errol Flynn, Basil Rathbone, Kevin Kostner, Chris Hemsworth, Christian Bale, Runon ..... Oh I could get carried away here!

    Well you did say your legs were getting muscular with all the running. Oh Runon.

  • Yes indeed Irish Princess - Men in Tights rule! I do a bit of sword fencing so I guess I'm used to wearing breeches - so thinking about it tights are simply the next step. I shall watch old Rudolph Nureyev films on youtube to get some padding tips if I erm need them that is :)) Tell you what though - I could definitely go mediaeval :)

  • Sword fencing as well! A man of many talents.

  • Wow! A whole hour and within a hair's breadth of 10k....respect! I still have a mental barrier in that I still feel an irresistible urge to stop immediately I am confident that I have reached 5k, which means that when I check on mapometer later my longest run so far was 5.44k, but I hope to carry on improving! Like you I find it takes a while to get into my stride, and then I have a (brief) period of thinking that 'this running lark seems much easier than it used to: I must have become a runner!', before the next period which I spend thinking: 'Am i nearly there yet..?' PS Nice camel!

  • Hey Clara - I know where you're coming from - it can be difficult to get past the 5K - Last Monday I was pushing the pace just a little and when I saw my 5K marker up ahead sudenly 30,000 gremlins (could have been 30,001 - one of them kept running around the back) jumped out of teh woodwork and starteed saying "ah you don't need to finish - you're near enough - take a little break, no-one will know! So I shot them all (in my head). But seriouslyly I couldn't have gone on another step. Today though I tricked the brain by taking a different route and just kept going - when I finally looked at my watch it said 54mins and although I'd planned to stop at 55mins I thought I'll just keep going and got distracted by some Firemen practising putting a ladder up on the pier and then it was 60 mins and then it took 4 secs for my legs to stop because they were loving it so much :)) Camels are cool!

  • What I have loved about starting this running lark is all the things you get to look at on the way! Pity though: I have never seen a fireman or a camel on my travels!

  • There are many strange things on my beach! I did find it a little funny because 4 firemen took a heavy looking ladder down onto the beach and then lifted it up and extended it and leaned it against the pier then lowered it and carried it back - and I thought well that's good practise in case the pier catches fire - but how would they get the ladder down onto the beach if the tide came in?!

  • Sounds like a scene from a laurel and hardy film!

  • :) Mmmm - well I know Norman Wisdom shot a film on the beach here - just sayin' :)

  • Mister Grimsdaaaaaaale :-) I like Norman Wisdom films ...

    By heck, Southport ,its got it going on hasn't it ? Its like the Cannes of the North :-) xxx

  • By gum - you are right of course young Puggers - last two times I've been to Cannes it rained - not at all like sunny Southport - of course the very first Sherlock Holmes Movie was filmed on Southport beach by G.B. Samuelson - just sayin'... ;)


  • Really , was it ? I like Southport, there always seems to be something going on there, plus you've got your own beach :-) xxx

  • Congratulations on all fronts, and especially on feeling like a proper runner!

  • Why thank-you tinaipolito - just goes to show that it can be done - when I started week 1 - I thought 'no way will I get to 30 minutes'! But actually once you've cracked and consolidated the 5K the rest sort of follows - I suppose people know htey've run to far when their trainers wear out :))

  • You ran, for a whole hour, in tights!!?!?!? Fantastic well done Runon :0) the moment I still can't imagine running for that long. Need to build it up slow and steady. Oh and well done on the 5k PB!

  • Hey RK - many thanks - Slow and steady is good - I spent quite a while just consolidating the 5K - then increasing by 5 mins per week - ok this week I jumped 10 mins but that was operator error and because my legs wouldn't stop! It's funny though because I probably could have gone on longer but don't want to get an injury by overdoing it :)

  • Hey Go you, Runon! My you've come a long way! Running for an hour (and 4 seconds), getting into ' The Zone' with your legs on automatic pilot and churning out a fab PB too. Ain't no stopping you now! Well done m'dear :)

  • Hi htere AncientMum - Yep 4 whole seconds plus an hour bit. Yes legs on autopilot was a bit weird but really chuffed with having run for an hour - I mean it's nearly 6 miles - now that'd cost a fair bit on the bus wouldn't it :))

  • Ah but it would be very cheap by rickshaw in Shanghai :-) xxx

  • Tee Hee :) Not if I was pulling it :) There you go - we'll get all the graduates from C25K and use our running skills to set up a Rick Shaw business enterprise. You can sell it on Dragon's Den dear Poppers!!! xxx

  • Fab idea ! Ive just got to find this Rick Shaw person and we're laughing ! :-D xxx

  • :)) xxx

  • Wow, aren't you doing well! Just like I said in my post this week - so many peeps doi.g very impressive things - and you are one of them.

    I haven't ventured into long leg cover up just yet, so fair play to you!

    Keep up the the good work

    :-) xx

  • Thank you Pink Angel - I'm impressing myself I think - didn't dream this was possible a few months ago - and all down to a good programme and loads of fantastic support from people on this forum - and my go faster tights of course :) :) xx

  • Congrats on all fronts, but particularly on shaving down that 5k time. A minute ten is a huge improvement. And running faster is very, very fun.

  • Thank you - Yea I thought it was time to put some of the c25k+ stuff into practise. It's funny but I have to make a conscious effort to run faster sometimes and push myself a bit - and I guess I miss the challenges of the original programme so on my 5K run I set out simply to shave time off and kept reminding myself during the run that this was the purpose of the exercise and not to fall back on my happy contented pace. But then yesterday when I set out to do an easy-going long run I found myself speeding up after the first 3 K - strange business this running lark - so much to understand and explore :)

  • wow...what a great week...especially for the tights :)

  • Hey JuicyJu - thank you. The tights are having a great time and are helping to streamline me, which at the near formula 1 speeds I am now running at is becoming a major factor... (or not) :))

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