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Week 7 - so why am I not looking forward to finishing?

Weird isn't it? A couple of months ago I couldn't run for a minute without stopping and now I can run for 25. You'd think I'd be thrilled - and I am, but I'm also getting anxious about what happens in a couple of weeks time. I'm not too worried about running for 30 mins - Laura has got me this far and, God willing, she'll get me to the end. I run so slowly that I've usually got a bit of energy left at the end of a run (which I need to get into the pond - see Bagels and a Bigger Splash blog). I don't have a competitive bone in my body, I hate the idea of running in a group, or even with a friend and I like the solitary, contemplative nature of running, but as it get's colder and darker I'm worried I'll lose my motivation. I know this is a common fear among runners who are about to graduate. I think I'll try and wean myself off Laura's support in the next couple of weeks by just listening to her once and then using my own music for the other runs. I really like the idea of no music at all, just birdsong and yapping dogs and the distant drone of planes, and using landmarks as distance markers.

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Well done on W7. I know how you feel, after running 3 times a week, during W7 I sort of lost my mojo and really struggled to finish the next couple of weeks. Like you say, I had changed my way of thinking and I knew I could do it, where as before I wasn't sure.

I booked myself in for a run to make sure I kept going and I am planning on finding a run around Feb / Mar time to (hopefully) make sure I keep gonig through the winter months.

Living in London I do consider running around in the dark listening to music not ideal and I also do really suffer with the cold air. I used to suffer with asthma, I don't think I do any more but something isn't quite right as I end up with a really wheezy cough for a few days after running.

My plan is to move inside to the treadmill for the weekday runs and then try a run outside during the day at the weekend when its a bit warmer. Otherwise I know I will find excuses not to go and ended up right back at the beginning.

Good luck with W8 ;-)


I was concerned at grad time as well. We decided to set long and short term goals as well as purchasing "treats" such as running gear etc. to keep the motivation going. I think most soon to be grads worry about the same thing. We learn to love the structure of the program and lack the confidence we can do it on our own. Good luck to you, soon to be graduate!!!! :-) Gayle


Being a bit anxious about cutting the umbilical cord to Laura is totally normal! And it's a bit daunting to have to carry on without the structure of C25K. Don't worry - you can download the C25K+ podcasts, keep running to w 9 or do it all again but faster to name just a few of the strategies people have used. Also in London there will be easily accessible parkruns. You could also look for a running club - in London there is bound to be one that caters for all abilities. Like you I never got on with sport at school or since but love running since I discovered C25K :-) Just wish I had discovered it years ago!


Thanks for the good advice, Pingle. I've had a look at the parkrun website and will go along and watch the local ones at Ally Pally and Finsbury Park to check out the route, then do it on my own to see what my time is. Running with other people doesn't appeal to me, but then I used to think I hated running so who knows what might happen?


Hi just dont do what I did last year. I finishe the program and then stopped running. Have had to do it all again this year. I have kept myself interested in running by subscribing to a women's running magazine. It works for me!


Thanks for the advice. Have you finished it again, now? What's the magazine?


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