Hmmm! Finishing week 7 [UPDATED]

[UPDATE Fri 20/10/2017] Decided not to run today. Feeling miles better, just the occasional niggle, very occasional, but I can feel the rest is doing me good. I shall do some excercises, especially the ones that involve my right arm and a mug of tea, and run tomorrow. Thanks so much all, for your advice.


Evening good running folk!

Just a quick post... I'm excited to finish week 7 off tomorrow... hopefully!

My knee was completely fine for the last run, but hurting a bit today. Most odd. So I'm going to play it by ear, if it's not good, I won't run. But I'd really like to :-)

I've also made a doctors appointment for Wednesday to get it checked out, as I've discovered my GP, who has been treating my depression, is a specialist in dealing with sports injuries. It's worth going, because I never thought I would be doing enough activity to get a sports injury :-) And being serious, I do want to get it checked out, just in case my leg is about to drop off or something. Don't worry about me, just a precaution.

Thanks for all you support, you are all awesome!


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37 Replies

  • Sorry to hear you knee is still not quite happy, Neil, and hope that your GP can shed some light on what's wrong. Hopefully it's just taking a bit longer than you'd like to recover fully so go gently if you decide to run tomorrow and if a run isn't an option, make the most of being indoors, as it sounds rather wild and windy out there tonight!

  • It might simply be a niggle. I hope so and you can crack on with the programme 🙂

  • Thanks misswobble, I hope so too! I was doing so well, and this past couple of weeks progress has slowed somewhat. I'm itching to get back out there!

  • Thank you! Yes, I'm going to take it very easy, slow and steady!! Altering my route too for a less uneven path. Hoping for a break in the weather tomorrow morning :-)

  • Hiya, hope your knee is okay soon, sometimes better to miss a run rather than aggrevate a niggle into a bigger injury. I found this link when i had a slight problem in week 2 and it may be of some use to you, if not, nothing lost in sharing.

    good luck

  • Ah yes I've seen that and have even started trying them. Thanks so much :-)

  • remember rice





  • Yes :-)

  • Take care and listen to your body Neil. I think seeing your doc sounds like a fab idea.

    Don't stress if you don't run for a few days, a little break is a good thing and you will come back stronger.😊x

  • Thanks Jan, don't worry, I won't be stupid :-)

  • Neil good luck! You can do it, hope your knee is feeling better today. I just completed this run so right beside you all the way !

  • Wow - multiple Jans to respond to! I'm honoured!! Thanks, feeling good so far, I shall report back after I have run, if I do run :)

  • Sorry to hear this, Neil. Meh. Maybe you just need a wee bit longer on the IC? In the long run (and you are in it for the long run) it would be worth it, however frustrating. Glad to hear about your GP though - that's a stroke of luck!

    Don't push it today, okay? I know you are itching to get out there, but you don't want to turn a minor niggle into an injury. I am sure it is just a niggle. Our knees take the brunt of the impact and it is all too easy to hurt them in the early days of running. Happens to the best of us. But a stint of rest will not set you back, even if it is a whole week to your next run. Many people on here bounce back from injury after a wee period of rest. Takes a while for fitness to be lost.

    Keep up your knee strengthening exercises (once your knee feels better!) I am rooting for you!

    Sadie x

  • Thanks Sadie, I know you're rooting for me. It's feeling pretty good this morning, but I'm planning to leave running until the afternoon if I do go, since it's a rather wet here at the moment! How are you today? Are you off work?

  • Pleased to hear it is feeling better this morning! But, if this was me, I would run tomorrow to be super sure...However, it's not my knee and you are in a better place to judge how it feels, of course!

    I am off work (bliss!) Heading out to Run and Become soon to get my first ever gait analysis and maybe new runners! Rest days today and tomorrow (helps to take 2 days rest now and then) but may do some strengthening yoga later.

    Hope you have a lovely day. Let us know how it goes if you do run later. x

  • Thanks Sadie, enjoy your day off, and I'd love to know how the gait analysis goes! Of course I shall report back later :-)

  • Like Switzerland, I am neutral. And "light on my feet" according to the nice chap at Run and Become. However, due to my stupid, slim feet, they only had two pairs that would work for me and man oh man they were UGLY. If I am about to splash out over £100 on a pair of shoes they have to be pretty, and blue. NOT pink. Why do they think that all women love pink, FFS?! I want blue. Or orange. Or neon.

  • Hope your run goes well Neil - but take an extra days rest (or more) if that knee's not right.

  • Thanks, not running till later, if I'm up to it!! Just trying to find the balance. I really don't want to go back to being the person who thought running was a thing just idiots did!! I might still end up having a rest day though. We shall see!

  • Hi All, See my update in the original post! Decided not to run :) I fear Sadie-runs might have shouted at me if I hadn't rested today :P

  • I would have. And you'll thank me for this one day. Like when you are 75 years old and about to embark on your 25th half marathon.

  • Hahaha, that's funny lol! 😂 thanks though :-) loving the tough love ;)

  • Good call Neil😊...

    You are not a quitter you are resting for a reason.xx

  • Thanks Jan, I needed to hear that x

  • Good plan the run will still be there tomorrow and will wait for you. Use the rest times wisely.

  • The run was still there - along with my new companion, the wind!! Thanks for your concern though, definitely the right decision to postpone a day.

  • Cool - roll on Week 8

  • Sounds like you made the right choice so well done, can imagine it’s hard not to do something you get a great benefit from. Will you try tomorrow? I’m off on my first week 5 run tomorrow, fingers crossed I survive another week! Have you noticed any positive difference on your depression since running? I’m fascinated by how exercise has so many health benefits.

  • Sorry for the slow reply on this Minnow , not the sort of reply you can rush on a mobile phone :)

    Firstly, I've just come back from the run, see my other post on that :) You're right, it has felt like a bit of a blow not being able to run so frequently, but it's actually been a good test too, to see if I give up at the first sign of trouble. So far we're good!

    In terms of the mental health benefits... the quick answer is that almost certainly the running or something related to it has made me feel good about myself, and that in turn has had a very positive impact on my mental health. I may have mentioned this in my first post, but I'm currently going through a divorce, which has knocked me for 6 really, and left me feeling a bit of a failure, because what sort of man am I if I can't keep an 18 year marriage together? But now, from this very unexpected source, I have something to be proud of. Even if I never complete C25K, I've still managed something I never have before, in my life.

    I am on anti-depressants (which I hate!), but not a particularly high dose, and that's remained constant during C25K, so I can well see that the improvement in my mood could well be down to the running. Incidentally, it was the anti-depressants that got me to the point where I could actually be bothered to do something like C25K.

    So there you have it! Mini essay :) Feel free to ask me anything else you want, either on here or in a private message if it's easier. x

  • Glad to hear your run was ok on your knee and well done for completing it when the tank ran dry! Hopefully the doctors will have some answers about your knee, none of which are too invasive or time consuming. You’ve done amazingly well to continue with an injury and I admire you for that.

    I’m sorry to hear about your divorce and the aftermath of it. I’ve been through a few breakups after only a few years of being together so I can’t imagine how hard it is after 18. The frustrating thing with relationships is there’s always two people in it and you can only ever change half of it. I also really admire your honesty and acknowledgment about how you feel and your mental health. I’m a typical woman so I always think it’s great to talk!

    My partner is also on anti depressants so I empathise with you not liking them too but as you said they have served a purpose and you are making positive changes which are helping.

    I have been seeing a counsellor for a number of years now as I think mental health is so important. We feed ourselves good food to stay healthy and exercise to stay fit and I feel it’s just as important to invest money and time in our mental health too.

    You seem like a cracking guy who is on the right path to a different, but exciting, future and I wish you all the best on your journey x

  • Thanks Minnow, what you said there is so true, you can only change you. And I don't know about cracking guy, I do my best, but like everyone I guess, I am flawed!

    Counselling would be great... I am still on the waiting list after several months, though actually so far, running has done more for me than anything else has. And the anti-depressants? Meh! Whatever! They serve a purpose I guess, I'd rather not be on them... but I've realised now I cannot fix everything. I used to think mental health issues were a myth, but how wrong I am on that front!

    Do you mind me asking, how has your counselling helped? And what sort of counselling is it? I'm not trying to pry or anything, and I certainly don't need details, but I'm just trying to get an idea of what to expect.

    Thanks so much!

    Neil x

  • Even the most precious diamonds have flaws, Neil. 💎😊

    Just to chip in here, I started running to help with some low-level depression (for which I had no explanation, it just happened.) It has helped, a lot. I think Minnow is so right - we should treat our mental health with the same care and attention that we give our physical health. Thankfully, running can contribute to the health of both. x

  • Yup, clever girl, our Minnow :)

    Me and my mental health are not the best acquaintances, but we are getting to know each other better now. The tablets and the running is clearing my head enough that I can start to analyse what's going on, and if I know what's up, I have much more of a chance of working through it, than if I just wallow in it! I think, possibly. there is a link between mental and physical health.

    Oh - not really sure I belong in the precious diamonds category though :)

  • We all have our flaws but we wouldn’t be us without them!

    I’m so happy running is helping your moods. I definitely think you’ve done the right thing with the anti depressants, like you said you cannot fix everything at once. You won’t be on them forever.

    Feel free to ask away, I wear my heart on my sleeve and am always happy to answer questions. I am seeing a private therapist and most of the work we do is cognitive behavioural therapy. It’s nothing like what you see in films or on tv! The biggest eye opener to me was reasonings behind why I felt or acted the way I did and we are all so quick to place blame, usually on ourselves, which is unnecessary and unhelpful. I have overcome so many difficulties and my life now in comparison to before is the proof of the hard work I have put in. I’m not going to lie, it’s no walk in the park but it is worth it. I really hope it helps you too but then again you’ve already started working on your mental health as you’ve got some temporary help from the tablets, you are making the effort to exercise and you’ve acknowledged your difficulties. I’m no professional but that sounds like a good level of mental health awareness to start building on to me x

  • I was told I would benefit from both CBT and counselling, and that I couldn't have both at once, and it was suggested I go for counselling! I now need counselling due to the rejection that I feel for being on the waiting list for counselling so long :)

    I didn't know this was a therapy group, but hey, it's working so far!

    Thanks Minnow, you are very wise!

  • Hi Neil - if you need to take more rest days- take them! I had to rest (reluctantly!) for about a month with painful knees. So glad I waited- I still take it gently (just in case I aggravate the knees again), but am able to enjoy running again. There is no time limit on completing C25k.

  • Thanks Jeani. I did rest yesterday which really helped, and just done my last W7 run (see other post). So far I feel OK :) Definitely needed a shower and a cuppa of course!

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