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Looking forward - weeks 7, 8 & 9

Hi everyone

I've just been looking forward into the end of the programme (biggest problem - trying to run before I can walk!*) and week 7, 8 and 9 has increments from 25 to 28 to 30 minutes of running.

Now, given that by the end of week 7 I'll be running 25 mins, surely the jump to 30 mins wouldn't be that hard after that? I think I might jump from week 7 to week 9.

Mostly because I have a half marathon to run in May though!

(see what I mean about running before walking?!)

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I thought that. Before I was doing it. Now (mid week 8) I understand why it's as it is. Cos it's really b****y hard work! Although being able to run 25 probably does mean you can do 30, the 25 might well be pretty tough (it was!) and all those repeats are in there for a reason. I really need them!

But you may well have started out much fitter than I did. Good luck with your half marathon training - that really doesn't sound appealing to me at all! (Does that fit in with increasing by no more than 10% a week? - it sounds a loooong haul!)


haha yes, well.... the 10% is going to turn into an extra mile a week on the long run sundays!!

I think that as long as I can run 10 miles by the end of April (!) I will do the HM. Not going to force it though; if I don't feel up to it I'll tackle the HM much later in the summer. Just a good demanding target to aim for!


Nothing wrong with a demanding target! (For you anyway - I'll stick to a rather gentler one of 5k - at least 30 minutes of it running, but maybe by June I'll be able to run it all, and maybe even in less than 50 minutes!) Good luck with it, hope it goes well for you. I shall watch out for your blogs. :)


Hey good luck with your Hairy Monster, I hope all goes well for you!

All the best



I found the jump from 25 to 30 minutes to be more challenging than expected. Here's hoping you don't! In my younger days when I consistently ran around 12K per day 5 days a week and then one somewhat longer run on the weekend for fun, I thought a HM would be fine. Unfortunately, I got a stress fracture of the fibula during the first 13.1 & that kept me off the ground in a cast for a while. (Of course I, being stubborn, kept running non-weightbearing in the water like a race horse in rehab.) Looking back, this injury was most likely due to a technical issue (maybe from fatigue from not pacing properly?), but it is possible that the incremental distance was just too great. I would suggest considering a structured HM training program when you finish this one! It's so discouraging to get taken out of the game for an inconvenient injury! Good luck & I hope you make it in May.


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