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Week 9 Run 1

The graduation is now insight!I did wk9r1 today and it was not easy.still crawling as usual. But I am putting my mind on graduation and then working on speed. 5k in 30 mins is still a long way for me. The song choice for week 9 is not good for me at all,I am thinking of arranging my songs but I need that Laura's voice, may be I will have two earphones lol. So how do I get my graduation badge when I finish!

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Keep going jucioj, you are nearly there! you are doing the right thing by just concentrating on graduating; speed can come afterwards.

Send a message to John for your badge (he can be found in the directory under the admin tag) but things are a bit slow at the moment on that front........lots still waiting after a week!


Only 2 more runs-soon to be graduate!!!! YIPPPEEEE!!!! :-) As Sue said, some are still waiting for the badges to be "manufactured" but you will soon have it right next to your name. :-)


Well done jucioj-same mesage as SBG356. I'm still waiting for my badge, so appears takes awhile to arrive.

Just concentrate on your pace. As Laura, if you are using her, still says it is about stamina and endurance, not speed!

I haven't a clue how fast I run, just know that I complete the courework.

Good luck with runs 2 & 3. Lovely feeling when you finish run 3! :-)


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