Week 9, run 1 - plodding on

This is my final week so I took it slow and steady today in the drizzle, with wet shoes covered in grass clippings. Running for 30 continuous minutes is still a battle for me but once I get my mind on the job, just keep plodding on. Will my pace increase anytime soon - running around 8 minutes per km now on paths, grass, flat and small hills. I am pleased with it really but parkrun would take me around 40 minutes at that speed - guess that would be ok and maybe might be a touch faster on the day due to peer pressure! Hoping Saturday will be my run 3, graduation and first parkrun!! Bit scared to be running without the discipline of the programme! πŸ˜€


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  • Hey Well done. Remember, was exactly the same as you only two weeks ago. I never thought I'd do it. Running 30 minutes was sheer agony. Your Pace is fine , it's about running at the pace that suits you. My first 5km was 37 minutes, my second 33, I expect it to be 30 this week. You will be amazed how things will change for you and 5km will become very comfortable to you! Good luck, its a great feeling completing week 9!

  • Hey Joolie- well done :) You've planned a great event on Saturday and you'll do brilliantly! :)

  • I know how you feel. Drizzle and grass clippings. I felt a bit sad that Laura's usefulness was clearly at an end towards the finish of the 9 weeks. But her relevance has gone by now... and she really doesn't have much to say. Plus, if, like me, you are graduating with a parkrun - well that's clearly not gonna happen in 30 minutes. I'd have been delighted with 35 but managed to cough and splutter over the line in 34.5

  • You are right, Laura was a fantastic support at the beginning but once I was doing running without recovery walks, I left her at home on the couch and went solo. 5K will not be done in 30 minutes, more like 40 because I take it slow and steady which helps me to get the job done!

  • Just go at your own pace. The risk is that you get pulled along too fast at the start, and can't finish the 5k. You'll be fine and it's a lovely way to graduate!

    Speed will come with more practice. Good luck!

  • Stop worrying!!!! No need to pile pressure on yourself. Chill out! All good things come to those who take their time

    Plodding is good! Nothing wrong with it at all. Gently steady running will get you to the end of the session in one piece

    You've not been running for 9 weeks yet! Running on paths, grass, flat with a few gentle hills sounds really good. Stick at it. Don't worry at all about pace/distance or time. We can't stress this enough!

    Parkrun is great! Everyone there has their own goals/hopes/aspirations and no-one is there to judge you. Run your own race and have fun! You will see so many ages, shapes and sizes all just out to have a good jog with like-minded folks. Have cuppa tea and a bacon sarni after and you'll be a convert

    Good luck!

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