Yesterdays 5k Poppy Run has made me SO stiff today.. But it was FAB FUN!!

Yesterdays 5k Poppy Run has made me SO stiff today.. But it was FAB FUN!!

Yesterday I did the Poppy Run in aid of the Royal British Legion at Hicks Lodge cycling centre in Ashby de la Zouch.

Its a 5k fun run and was my 1st 'proper' race and thankfully the last day of the 5x50 challenge! Or day 51 for me as I had done a Parkrun the day before it started....

It was a small affair, between 70-80 runners were taking part and most of them looked very athletic.... oh heck :-O but the weather was kind and stayed dry for the duration of the run.

The organiser mentioned that the course had a couple of hills, before going through a nice big muddy puddle, looping back round over the (muddy) grass and then turning round to head back around the lake to do it all again as it was a 2 lap course.

As per usual I set off too fast, the hills were HILLS and there were 3 ups and downs in quick succession a splish splash splish through the puddle followed by a good squelch over the boggy grass back to the HILLS.... *wheeze, breathe, wheeze*

My 1st km was done in 6.12 minutes - including the hills which was waaaaay too fast. I pushed myself so hard I gave myself a stitch :( so had to resort to the run walk method, making sure I never walked for more than 20 seconds when I had to walk.

Somehow I managed to stumble round in 37.07 minutes, which I'm really pleased with all things considered, as my Parkrun PB is 34.26 and that is mainly flat, a couple of inclines to deal with but not to steep.

I cannot believe how stiff I am today ~ my lower chest, my back, my thighs and my buttocks all know yesterday was a good workout. A good FUN workout!! :D Shame our bathroom refit to have a bath put back in is a couple of weeks away, wouldn't have minded a good soak tonight...

Well done as well to my virtual running buddy for yesterday eshaz14 who also did her local Poppy Run in an absolutely fabulous time, one I can only dream of at the min :)

Can't wait for next years. The pic is just after I'd finished and got my medal. 8-)


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14 Replies

  • Well done. Am I being too much of a girl, I don't want to get my expensive new trainers covered in mud.

  • I used to be like that until I turned up at Parkrun one week and had to run through a tiny puddle. After contemplating not running (yes, really) I decided to go for it, the soles hardly got dirty. Yesterday however my very expensive Asics had a mudbath and are still in the garage drying out! Oh well, I figure they will make me look like a seasonsed street pounder :)

  • But expensive new trainers wash and dry so easily. I have to wash mine at least once a week now with the wet weather, when I return from my long run which goes off-road. A quick splash around in the basin in warm water and a wee scrub with the scrubbing brush kept for this purpose (I'm a seasoned trail walking shoe scrubber!) and they are clean-ish! I stuff them with newspaper and leave them standing on more newspaper in a warm room. They are dry two days later. I just have to be strict and do them straight away or I forget and they are not dry when I need them.

  • Didn't think to stuff them with newspaper (but then we don't ever have one) and just been to the garage and they still feel damp so they are now next to the radiator, hopefully they will be ok for the morning...

  • Well done, that sounds like a great run! I freaked out the first time I ran through a muddy puddle but now I love it, I am like a big (well, short and round) kid when I run in puddles or on muddy paths!

  • I made a point of going through it on the second lap while everyone else was skirting the edge of it and churning up the grass and mud, I mean, when else as an adult do you get to splash through a muddy puddle!! I'm with you on the big kid front :D lol

  • Well done, Doggymum! It sound like you had a great run despite the hills and the mud.

  • Thanks swanscot ~ I had a blast! And, thanks to my amazing family, friends and colleagues I managed to raise nearly £300 for the cause :)

  • Congratulations to you, did you hear me cheering you on, far away in Oxfordshire :) I have to say I think I had the better deal as mine was mostly on the flat, maybe why I managed it so well. You look very much a runner looking at the picture, congratulations on the fund raising. Looking forward to being there with you next year.... virtually of course :)

  • LOL, thanks eshaz, I tried to cheer you on but you probably didn't hear it above my wheezing and panting!!

    I saw on some of the photo's that one of the courses had goody bags and CAKES, so I'm hoping ours has that next year :D

  • Oooh, we so missed out there, not too fussed about the goody bags, but could definitely have done with a cake :)

  • Cake motivates me!! I might have got round a bit quicker! lol

  • Well done DoggyMum you did a brilliant job and whilst all charities are probably a good cause I have a particular respect for the Royal British Legion. Well done.

  • Thanks Chewy. I have (and had) quite a bit of family in the military so we always try to support the RBL where we can. I think this event could get as big as Race for Life in a few years with the right promotion, as this was only the 2nd year of the Poppy Run. Maybe next year you could be a virtual running buddy with eshaz14 & myself :)

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