I am still out there

Hi all just a small blog to let you all know I am still plodding on with my running 3 times a week, avoiding hills where possible or walking up them. Went out yesterday at 7o/c ,lovely cold morning the park looked lovely, I did 3.9km in 41mins. Not bad for this 73 year old. Went to the doctors this morning, the first time since June when he gave me the go ahead to start C25K, he was well pleased with my progress and best of all my blood pressure was right down, and 1/2 stone weight loss and I am feeling pretty good. Had a few glasses of wine yesterday to celebrate jlow's graduation. :-) Pat


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25 Replies

  • Think you are an inspiration to us all. Here's hoping I'll still be running at your age. :-)

  • Keep active and running and you will Pat :-)

  • Wonderful update, thanks x

  • Thanks Deryn61 Pat :-)

  • Well done, can only hope I'm still running at your age ;-)

  • Hi keep active and you will be Pat :-D

  • Well done Pat. You're doing better than me. I've ended up nearly having a month off with one thing and another. I finally got my trainers back on last week and am having to build up slowly again. I managed a 28min one this morning. Fingers crossed I manage a 30min later in the week so I can start hill training again. Hopefully my shin splints are a thing of the past.

  • I was very lucky AnnaDJ went right through the nine weeks with no problems long may it continue.Pat

  • You're a real inspiration Pat, well done and keep it up.

  • Thanks Chewy Pat

  • This is brilliant, p138! You must be really pleased with your blood pressure improvement and weight loss. Have you set any more goals to aim for?

  • To do the full 5k and to reach 74 :-) :-) Pat :-)

  • This made me chuckle mum.. :-)

  • Well done, for keeping up with your running p184 and the improvement in your health.

    I laughed at your:

    > Went out yesterday at 7o/c ,lovely cold morning ...

    It was 7°C here too yesterday and I said it was a mild morning! It's all relative - after a few days when it was 1 or 2°C, 7 was positively balmy! :-) Mind you when I reached the higher exposed moorland where I was running it was cold with the windchill.

  • Hi swanscot thanks for the reply, my 7o/c meant 7 o'clock in the morning but it was bloody cold. :-) Pat

  • Fantastic!! Keep it up Pat, you're doing great! Are you going to do any races?

  • Thanks but no races for me, leave them to you youngsters :-) Pat

  • I wonder just how many people here you have inspired to go on when the going got tough! I'm hoping to get out again after a wonky knee this past week or so because I want to be able to be running when I'm your age too.

    Keep on posting how you're getting on! :-)

  • fantastic news that you are still running. & best of all running at 73!! hopefully in another 30years when I am your age I will still be running too.

    great news about the blood pressure. you & doctor must be very happy :)

  • I can definitely say that you were one of the main inspirations that kept me going - I was astounded that someone would take up this programme at age 73, when I was questioning whether I could do it at age 50. It made me realise that age is no excuse and in fact there is no excuse, barring illness or injury. I did a parkrun on Saturday and there was a woman and a man there that looked to be octagenarians (although I don't know their age), but they zoomed off! I truly think that being and keeping active is the best thing anyone can do for their health. That's great that you got concrete evidence from your doctor, too, about the blood pressure and weight.

  • Hi Vivwestie there's an old saying age is not the thing that makes you old it is a attitude of mind. you are right about keeping active I have done two exercise classes a week for years plus all my gardening Pat :-D

  • Thanks for the update Pat. I was wondering how you were getting on, so it's great to hear the good news about blood pressure and weight. It is beautiful in the parks right now, and we can enjoy it all the more when running :)

  • Thanks TJFlute I intend to keep running, my stamina is so much better. My daughter Jlow graduated on Saturday and we hope to do some running together. I will keep you up to datePat :-)

  • wow, what an inspiration. Great times, I am going to have to work harder to catch you :-) Its fabulous that you can see the health benefits already.

    You still have a way to go though, did you see that couple on the pride of britain awards? You have yet to sleep on a bed of nails, abseil........ ;-)

  • Only just seen this Pat! Hello and keep on trucking, love Delia xox

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