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I only went and beat every other runner there, really I did!!!

I went to the Running Show in Esher today, at Sandown Park racecourse. I arrived fairly late, about 1pm. They couldn't scan my registration email, but tagged me anyway and pointed me towards the 'back of the hall to collect the goodie bag'. There were loads of people around wearing medals, presumably from the run that had been organised for this morning.

So, off I trotted to collect my goodie bag, so that I'd have something to carry leaflets, etc. The chap told me to just grab any bag, 'help yourself' he said. "And let me know if you have a golden envelope in it."

I did have a golden envelope and inside was a number 1, I got the top prize of the show, whoop whoop! I really did need my luck to turn around and it did, AND I have been thinking of buying a new mattress, but now I dont need to as I've apparently won a kingsized memory foam mattress :-D

I am a very happy bunny indeed! I didn't make it out for an actual run today, but I had a lovely 'running' day anyway. Tomorrow morning I will be up and out and, if the weather is really truly awful, will go to the gym to run, then have a swim and do my yin yoga afterwards.

Can't wait for all those lovely, snuggly, sleep-easy nights that are coming my way. That'll help me up and out in the winter mornings, waking up fresh and rested :-)

Have a great week everyone

Vix xx

p.s. I convinced 3 new people to consider C25K, I was flying the flag for us all :-)

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Yeh well done you, I love to hear someone getting a good win like that. Not sure if you'll be jumping out of bed quicker though it may be too comfortable if its anything like ours.

I was like you and didn't get a run today, its never stopped raining all day, heavy too, there may well be more flooding.


you could be right, it might just encourage me to stay in bed :-D


Well done, I intended going to the show with my sister, but then my daughter decided she was coming home this weekend :) so that went out of the window. Maybe next year...


let's put it in the diary for next year then, I'll hold you to that ;-)


When is it, I'll be there :)


Fantastic! Great news! Bet you're glad you went!


very glad indeed :-D

I also found out about some really good trail runs near me, some are apparently 'ok' for my level and some duathlons - I can't believe I'm even considering that, but I do cycle too (well, once a year I do 45 miles for Princes Trust!). It wasn't a big show, but it was interesting and I'm still grinning about my win :-) :-)


Go for it! I'm too scared to do anything so really admire you!


I told the very athletic looking lady who was promoting them that I have only just graduated from this programme. She said they do have serious runners who are going after prizes, but they also have a lot of people like me who are just starting out and just want to make it round at this stage! She was really kind and helpful and told me which of the 5 upcoming events are really hard and which are ideal to start with. I will try a run before I do a duathlon, that's for sure and I've got one run in mind for end of Feb (8K) and a possible Duathlon in April: I can either just run 6 or 13 K at that one, or (if I'm super fit by then) run 6K, ride 20k, run 6K. I think I may be dreaming, but we'll see how I'm doing with my training by Feb/March time.

Some of the duathlons you can do as a relay team - watch out I may be looking for team mates :-)

I think it will be wonderful to get out into the woods in April, just as everything is blossoming, it's a nice thought to get me through the coming cold, dark winter days and gives me a goal to focus my attention.


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