Still not quite there ... but I am learning

Went out this morning to try and complete Run 2 of Week 9 but failed again due to a couple of stops in the first 10 minutes. I thought I was going to have to give up again but I walked along a bit and tried to think about why it was so difficult to run outside. I realised that it felt like I was running uphill even though I wasn't, and it was hurting the tops of my feet. The guy in the running shop had already showed me how to lace my shoes so that there was less pressure on the top of my feet, so what was the problem? It dawned on me that I was not running the way I do inside, that is I was not running with leg muscles engaged and almost on tiptoe/balls of feet. I don't know if this is the "right" way to run but it has certainly got me this far. So I changed my stance and immediately it became easier, I finished the last 20 minutes without stopping. Don't get me wrong, it is still bloody hard outside. But I learned something that I think can help me next time ... we shall see. I can't believe how hard it is to finish this!!


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  • I think you are supposed to run on the balls of your feet. Funnily enough, when I was on the treadmill having my gait analysed, I ran that way and was very conscious of it, but usually I run using my whole foot. If you're going to repeat r2 of week 9 we are at the same place. 2 more runs! We can do this!

  • I run on balls of feet too, I think it is how most people run when bare foot. I expect Yatesco could tell us about it as he has barefoot shoes. If you run like that on tread mill then I think you need to run like that outside. Try not to reach too far forward as you run but keep your feet falling close to you so you do more small steps rather than long strides I think that will help you keep forward on your feet. When I had my gait looked at he said I dont quite put my heal on the ground but I should try to kiss the pavement with my heels at least to prevent injury. I find it hard to think about this when I run but sort of focus on my gait every so often. I dont think I run without touching the ground with heels outside I am sure it was because I was on treadmill in the shop.☺

  • Run in whichever way works for you...if you find something that right or wrong way..just run☺

    Just slow,steady..and you will do this☺

  • But you keep going out even though it's tough, and you keep trying to make it better, so don't think of it as a failed run, it's just another practice! Think back to how bad you felt on your first uk run and see how far you have come today!

  • Keep at it Kitten , keep plugging away , you are doing brilliantly !

    You have come so far, you can do this ! :-) xxx

  • I am so glad people are honest enough to post when it's hard for them at any particular stage. If all I'd seen was glowing and self congratulatory accounts when I first came across c25k I would literally never have started. On some days too when my body is screaming at me that if I don't stop running it will simply end with a heart attack/fatal asthma attack I can keep going because I know it is to be expected that some days ( a lot more than I wish lol ) this is " normal under the circumstances" Thanks for your post 😃

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