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Another one bites the dust. Definatley feeling the benefit even at such an early stage - my face is looking less bloated and my coat which I go jogging in seemed to zip up a little easier last night. I'm still worried about being able to stick at it when it gets even tougher but if I can just keep going run by run and enjoying the little victories I'll get there :)

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Well done!!

As you say, take one run at a time and you'll get there. I've never been running before I started c25k and today I ran for 8 minutes, did a jump of joy in the woods. Its so pleasing when you see and feel the benefits of it.


Thanks hehe, well done on your 8 minutes!! Ha! Your jump for joy made me laugh. I'm looking forward to punching the air like rocky when I get to the 30 minutes :)


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