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First timer

When I came across c25k on the internet I thought "hmm could I do that?" I went jogging a few times about 30 years ago and have done nothing more than a bit of hillwalking since then. Overweight and a bit lazy when it comes to exercise it will be a challenge. I bought running shoes at the weekend and set off last night, in the dark, hat on and ipod in ears. It was hard but I did it. Tomorrow will be tougher I expect cos my thighs are sore but I'm stubborn so watch this space...

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Well done for getting out there. Its a great plan and I wouldn't be getting through it without this community. Bear in mind the rest days though, they recommend running every other day so if youre feeling stiff / sore then make sure you take the day. Don't want to get injured just as you start ;-)


Well done for going out and doing it!! :-D


Well done! I did my first run yesterday, and must be a glutton for punishment as I go again in the morning. Hope your thighs feel better soon. x


Isabella123- well done for getting out there for the first time!! Long may it confinue. I hope your second run goes well (mine's tnoight - yikes!!) but I do agree with ca66ie99 - youre supposed to have a rest day imbetween runs, especially with this first bit. I think Laura says it in the podcast? You don't want to push yourself too far, get injured or give up.

Best of luck and let us all know how your second run goes. :-)


You go for it ,I am 73 and graduate in Sept :-) Pat


Good on you - I felt a real buzz after my first run. I have never been sporty and at 48 and rather overweight have always felt jealous when I have seen people running along the road. I have tried to do it on my own a couple of times but was so out of breath by the time I got to the end of the road that I just gave up and came home again.

When I read about C25K it sounded perfect so I dug out my trainers again and thought I would give it one more go - I'm so glad I did, I'm currently on W8 and only 4 runs away from graduating - I would never have believed it when I was so bad that I had to repeat W1!!!!

You will have bad days, but the most important advice I have been given by the other wonderful people on this site is trust the program, follow the directions (having the days rest between runs and not trying to go too fast) and more importantly trust in yourself and you will do it :o)


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