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In your face W4R1!

Today I ran W4R1. I had been struggling with a bit of calf pain and "oh look, its raining...maybe I'll not go!" but I got out there...and loved it!!

I think I'd been put off by struggling through W3R3. I completed it, but was just a bit 'meh' about the whole thing.

I bought a foam roller with exercise DVD at the weekend to try and help with the calf pain, and although I didn't notice the difference at the time, today it was like I had new legs! The roller has obviously done something! I recommend giving it a go if you are a fellow calf pain sufferrer rather than reaching for the compression socks! (Its cheaper too!).

I have also discovered that I love running in the rain!! Its such a great feeling. Maybe winter running won't be so bad.

I'm also 23 days smokefree.

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Woo Hoo! Well done Becks, and well done on the stopping smoking too. :)

It was shin pain that I was having a few issues with and I ending up running wearing elasticated bandages. £1.65 for a roll and it did both legs! Glad I didn't reach for the compression socks straight away as well!

I may well investigate the foam rollers in the future. I'm sure I saw some in Argos.


I thought we hadn't heard from you for a little while. Good to see you are still progressing nicely in all areas!

You seem very upbeat which is great, especially if you were feeling meh about the end of week 3. Look how far you've come already! That is something to get excited about. I absolutely hated w4r1 I found it so hard, so well done on completing it!

The calf pain will reduce as you get further into the programme and your legs get more used to the workout you are giving them.

I love running in the rain too. It may look nasty from inside, but once you get in it, it's great fun! :)


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