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Nearly there

8 weeks ago I could scarcely get through W1R1. Tonight I completed W8 and am celebrating with a healthy stir fry (and a not so healthy glass of wine). I have a lot of weight to lose but already feel fitter than I have in years. I may be tempting fate but in anticipation of graduation, I will be downloading the post graduation podcasts tomorrow.

I'm not sure that I really like running, but I like feeling good afterwards and I like being able to do this any time I want to without the hassle of planning a trip to a gym or being tied down to particular times and days. Part of me wants to get away from the streets and to find a park where I can run on a trail or on the grass but I don't think I've got enough courage to do something quite so public yet. I'd feel odd driving around in running gear. Perhaps when I'm thinner and faster ...

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You are doing brilliantly, and if you can't have the odd glass of wine then what is the point eh?

As someone who still would rather jump in the car to drive away from streets to forestry tracks and canal paths where I see very few people, I admire you, running on streets!


I also totally agree with your points about be able to fit in running so easily within your life without planning your life around certain days/ classes at the gym! Well said and well done


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