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Hi all, has anyone done the Women's Running Race series 5k? I signed up for it way back in January, not realising that the whole c25k programme would take me so long. What with terrible weather, several lurgies and having to repeat a few weeks because of my lack of stamina, I feel I'm almost there but not quite. I signed up for a 5k to give myself something to work towards, and it has definitely helped. The problem is I just don't feel ready and it's on the 4th June. How "serious" are these sorts of events? Will I look completely stupid if I have to alternate walking and jogging? Are there likely to be other middle-aged tortoises galumphing around? Any comments or thoughts on the matter will be appreciated.


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  • Haha, "middle aged tortoise galumphing round" have you been hiding in the trees watching me! That is the best description yet. Sorry I can't impart any wisdom in races, there are none where I live☹️So I run alone and only the wildlife has to put up with my galumphing😉Sure someone else on here will tell you. I have read that at most Park runs there are people who take 50+ mins to walk/ run it so newbies shouldn't be worried about being slow. Well done on getting this far🐢🏃🏼‍♀️👏🏼🐢🏃🏼‍♀️👏🏼🐢🏃🏼‍♀️👏🏼

  • Thank you, fellow tortoise ;-)

  • I haven't run in one of those events but I just looked at the website and says they are for 'all abilities' so I really wouldn't be worrying. I have found that at any event there are people who are competitive and fast, and lots of people who run/walk or jog slowly, and who are very supportive of everyone around them.

    You will probably surprise yourself by how well you do! And however it goes you will have achieved something great, and reached your goal.

  • I did the 10k women's running in Southampton 2yrs ago,and it was very friendly and welcoming and seemed to be runners of all abilities, seemed relaxed to me just for fun and acheivement! We got lovely medal, tshirt and some free goodies.Nice atmosphere I'm sure you'll enjoy it! Have fun 😆

  • I'm doing the Southampton womens runnung 10k on the 4th June this year. Any tips are welcome aliboo.

  • I went there with the aim of trying for sub 60 mins so decided to try and follow the pacer! I lost them a couple of times but managed to catch her near the end (think she had run slightly faster) and got 59.37 I think! I found it a good route but it was a bit day! Was hard but glad I pushed myself! You sound like you know the common anyway? It wasn't as busy as i expected but think it was only in its 2nd year? Good value for what I paid and got to go to Ikea for lunch afterwards and mooch round. I had my partner and brother with me it was nice to have someone there to cheer you on😆

  • Thank you for your comments. yes, I know the Common, and I attempted a parkrun there two weeks ago - it was hard, but I did it in about 50 minutes. I have my daughter-in-law doing it with me, and although she's an accomplished runner, she's promised to stick with me all the way :-)

  • Like aliboo70 I've done the 10K and it was a very friendly, well organised, fun event. They call your name as you cross the finish line which is nice 🙂 And very nice bling 🎖

    Why don't you check the finish times from previous years? But regardless, this is your event and so you'll have a brilliant time.

  • I assume you are doing the Southampton one? I am going to be there for the 10k. My advice is to check last year's results and see what times the last runners came in. Don't forget that the 10k is also running so you will have those runners doing the circuit for up to 1hr 30 min. Also try to get to parkrun on the common as it is a similar 5k route at the mo. This will give you practice and see how you do.

  • I would go for it. There will be plenty of people running/waking. I'm doing the 10k that day (my 1st) and I expect I will also be having walking breaks! 😊

  • Looks like lots of forum peeps will be there doing the 10k on the same day. How nice. It will probably take me the same length of time to do the 5k, but hey ho! First time for everything ;-) Good luck with the 10k.

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