W9 R2 Nearly there!

Second run of week 9 today - in the rain. Got hooted by a lorry driver - not sure if it was encouragement or derision but decided to take it positively. A cyclist waved too, probably because I was grinning my head off as I approached 30 minutes. To my astonishment I have found that I actually like running in the rain - it's heat that kills me. I have also 'come out' and actually admit that I have been running if I meet a friend or neighbour. People have been universally positive when I have explained about C25K. The scales has not budged much but several people have asked if I have lost weight so I must have toned up a bit. A work colleague also told me I was 'glowing' the other day. All in all lots of positive stuff from this programme. I am really looking forward to my graduation run at the weekend and I hope I can keep up the momentum after then but what I'm really looking forward to is the litte green 'graduate' on the blog posts!

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  • This is really encouraging, well done you! I think when I start running outside instead of my treadmill, I will prefer the rain too as I get very red and hot! Keep it up!

  • well done so close now.

  • Well done! I'm the same, completed W9 R2 yesterday and pushed myself to do an extra 5 mins - very proud of myself :) R3 tomorrow and then a 5K Race for Life next Wednesday evening. GULP!!! xx

  • I also did W9R2 in the rain last night - I definitely don't like running in heat and enjoyed my run in the rain. Run 3 on Saturday and then I am having 10 days rest as advised by my physio before heading into Bridge to 10k running plan. Good luck with your 5K Race for Life bixbags, I am sure you will love it - the adrenaline buzz and the huge sense of achievement

  • Ran in the rain last night too, a total downpour but it was brilliant! Don't think my iPod will ever be the same, it's still drying out. Good luck with Race for Life, I'm sure you'lll breeze it.

  • Excellent, well done you!! Good luck for that final run!

  • Well done! I got back from week 9 run 3 a little while ago. Running i'm the rain if definitely good!


  • well done..rain gets the thumbs up for me too.

  • Congrats. I am finishing W8 today and have had a similar experience with no weight loss but my daughter commented that she can now get her arms all the way around me. I hadn't even thought of that. Keep it up! Are you going to schedule a race?

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