Amazing journey, but a slightly flat ending

I did it! I know I should be really, really excited, but for some reason I felt kind of flat when I completed my graduation run. I wasn't intending to run today, my temperature was still a bit up last night, but then when I was taking my daughter to play squash this morning, I thought "why not?". I threw on my gear and decided to graduate in the gym, rather than my normal slog around the park. Perhaps that's why it didn't feel quite right. In some ways it's easier in the gym, less resistance. But I did set off at a much faster pace, in fact, even dropping the speed down a little after the first 10 minutes, my BPM was over 160 all the way, so I should have felt like I earned it (it's usually around 150) and I did put in my usual sprint at the end, hitting over 170 bpm. It still felt like I'd 'cheated' though.

Anyway, it's done now, the fact is, I did it. I stuck with a programme and I proved I could do it. I think I'll just go and run in a few different places for the next few times. I know it will be quite hard, because I've been running in a relatively flat park, so any incline will make me puff a bit, but I think I need a change of scenery to get my mojo back. I did get a bit excited though when I started to match my iPod songs to bpm on so that I can build a good running playlist for my next few runs, so perhaps I'm just a bit tired (I did have an awfully big glass of white wine last night, not to mention some dessert wine).

I am looking forward to getting my shiny new badge though :-) Just need to remember who I have to ping for it ;-)


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16 Replies

  • You know what all those great sportsmen and women say after getting the medal or championship."It's not really sunk in yet!" You did it right.You finished the priogramme and helped a few others on the way with your posts.Well done and congratulations! Instead of excitement just feel a quiet pride swelling up over the next day or so as you realise where you were nine weeks ago and what you have achieved.

  • awww, thanks. I do feel a lot better this morning, I was writing a more cheery blog as you were reading and posting here. You are right, I guess it hadn't sunk in and my daughter and ex (we get on well, we're normally supportive of each other) were spectacularly unenthusiastic when I returned from the gym all sweaty and red telling them I'd finished the programme and I think I let that get to me. Well chuffed now :-)

  • Congratulations vixiej on your graduation and for finishing it despite not feeling 100%. But this is only the beginning right? Good luck in all your continued running endeavours!

  • Thanks Fraz, and congratulations to you! We both did it, despite the injury gremlins trying to get us both :-D

  • Congratulations on graduating. It does'nt matter how you did it, just take pride in your achievement. You get your shiny badge by messaging JR21. Well done again. :)

  • thank you. I messaged JR21, can't wait for my badge :-D Will have to go shopping for my C25K running top now, too ;-)

  • Hey, congratulations! I hope the sense of achievement will hit you soon - and go get that badge!

  • Thanks! Am feeling much, much better about it today. I've just printed my new plan, for getting to 10K and it includes all my cross training (yoga, cycling, zumba) :-)

  • Congratulations :)

  • thanks! :-)

  • Just goes to show how the programme works on your spend weeks thinking that finishing W9R3 will feel spectacular but the truth is you've been achieving new things each week so the final run comes as no dramatic challenge. As its been said, glad you can now look back and see what you've achieved over the whole programme rather than just the final run.

    Well done!! Woooooo!

  • yes, that's it! I already ran for 30 minutes twice last week, of course. I hadn't thought of that :-)

  • Congrats vixiej, so pleased for you, welcome to the grad club! :) I can't believe you were able to complete w9 when you were ill and with a temperature - that's really hardcore! Be proud of your achievement and enjoy that little green badge when it arrives :)

  • I will, thanks! can't wait to get my badge :-D

  • Congratulations, Vixiej, you did it! I agree with BlueSkies9 about it being the weekly progress that is the real major change., I felt a bit like you did after my grad run. After the woohoo moment, the world was just still going on as normal and much as I wanted to, I couldn't go on endlessly about C25k to everyone I met!

    But it is a huge achievement and we should all be super-proud of ourselves. Celebrate! I'll be looking out for your shiny green badge.

  • thanks Soozz :-)

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