Duke of York

Duke of York

The above shoes are displayed according to Government Running Regulation article 425/12b and advise that these shoes are now in service to Runon and that he may travel great distances at speeds not in excess of 6.5mph for the purposes of recreation and splashing in mud.

So the hills are alive with the sound of music playing through my headphones and the sound of my heart beating rather quickly and the Grand Old Duke marching up those hills...

Where I live is flat - very flat. In fact it is so flat that Driving Instructors have to travel miles in order to find a place where their pupils can practise hill starts! The only place around is called hillside but is more of a bump or even a pimple upon the landscape! But recently the powers that be have sent me far afield - to Elstree where running alongside dual carriageways I discovered what a hill is like. Then in Birmingham I have started running in a country park - it is not a manicured pretty thing but a vast unkempt, wooded, incredibly muddy area with a fast flowing stream that seems to flood regularly - hence the new Salomon Trail Shoes which grip like spider-man in an otherwise slip-sliding slippery landscape - and what fun it is splashing about like a five year old. BUT it too has hills - quite big hills - and I have to say they are tiring but not as scary as I first thought them to be - in fact once you start to adapt to them they are not a problem at all plus once you've got the knack you find you can go quicker on the flat bits.

All this has led to my running taking a bit of a spurt forward. So finally I have run my first Park Run - what wonderful friendly people they are. Now I've volunteered at a couple of runs but this time I went to a different one to actually run - it wasn't really a park but a beach - well a promenade by a beach in Crosby - the actual route varies somewhat depending on whether the tide is in or out as Park Swims haven't been invented yet... I set off far to fast then felt ill, then got overtaken by a dog and then by it's owner and there were a few obstacles like sandbanks but it was absolutely brilliant. If you haven't tried Park-Run then do - it's just really good fun. I have had some trouble getting sub-thirty minutes but finally cracked it today, but then it's not really about the speed it's about enjoying running for running's sake. For those of you just starting out with C25K - you are at the beginning of an incredible journey :)


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  • Brilliant post! Congrats on your PB and I'm sure those new shoes will give you wingsπŸƒβœˆοΈπŸš€

  • Thanks JaySee - I might need wings if the tide comes in at that Park-Run next time! :)

  • Lovely shoes, lovely post. You are very speedy πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks Jacs-W - Yes I think it was the sun that spurred me on - Spring is in the air and in the step :)

  • I think the Crosby area has some good running routes and is said to be really pretty, but some are let down by littering. I read it on t'internet so it's bound to be true πŸ™‚

    Ooooh love posh Salomons! I saw a lady on the street in some yesters. She was puffing on an e-fag and looked a bit Bohemian, but she smiled at me so that was all right then. I thought her shoes looked way cool 😎 Hers were purple, which as we all know makes one go faster πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Yours are blue I see πŸ™


  • Well - yes it's true - erm, the purple ones are faster than the blue ones (obviously lime green are fastest but they slow down if they get dirty) but as is so often the case on't internet they don't have that colour in your size or the more interesting colours cost more - yes running shoes are getting like cars - "oh well if you want it in that colour Sir/Madam then it'll cost extra..." Humph!!! So blue it is even if that means a few secs off the time thingy!

    Now I was brought up in Crosby and as schoolchildren if we were caught littering then it was down into the dungeons for the rack etc. So there is absolutely no litter in Crosby - heaven forfend - fake news!!!

    The Salomon are brilliant - but a word of caution to the uninitiated as I was - whilst they are incredibly grippy in wet mud they do tend to slip a bit on normal paved areas - crossing a bridge in them I nearly went A over T - which would be the second time in two weeks - still alls well that ends well as that famous Brummie once said! :) x

  • Ah - I was going to ask you about their grip on any sort of paved area. I am struggling to find a trail-type shoe that can cope with the surfaces round here. I have found on my very few ventures off my nice, safe tarmac that the lugs on trail shoes are marvellous for grass and mud but cannot cope at all for shiny rocky bits, of which we have many in the Peak District :( Although your Salomans are very beautiful, I will strike them off my list.

  • Hey Anniemurph - reviews suggest that they can be a bit sloppy on smooth wet surfaces. Ju-ju has had a pair for a while and has a lot more experience of them. I was doing my warm up walk over a hump back bridge and just as I put my heel down on the down side the rear of the shoe slipped. Solomon do a model called Fellraiser which has better reviews for rocks etc. πŸ€“:)

  • Ooh, ta - I'll check out the Fellraiser (great name :D )

  • Nice shoes!!! Grippy grippy no slippy :-)

  • Hey Andy - you're last name wouldn't be Shakespeare by any chance? You are now official C25K Poet Laureate :))

  • Gorgeous shoes.. I have some in black although mine are much dirtier!!! Well done on the parkrun, great time!! Enjoy the hills too 😎

  • Thanks ju-ju. I think since I started running in them earlier this week, mine are now closer to black than blue! :)

  • Great post Runon! And no, it may not be about the time but we can't help those little goals all the same, can we?! That is a great sub 30 timeand you should be proudπŸ™‚ Lovely noo shoos too!

  • Hey Sandra - many thanks. I really enjoyed the Park Run because it is not essentially competitive. But I guess other people running with you does spur you on a bit :) I was determined not to be beaten by the dog! :))

  • Wow... that's all ! :)

  • Thanks Old Floss - that's exactly how I felt - Wow! I'm looking forward to many more Park Runs. :)

  • Now then ! :-)

    More shoes ? You are rapidly turning into the Imelda Marcos of C25k ! Oh but they are truly things of beauty and just built for stopping you from going A over eyelashes on the trails :-)

    Many Congratulations on your very first parkrun and how speedy are you ? That is definitely racing snake pace .

    Hope youre training is going well for the GMR, I have your Graduate 10 Badge under lock and key . Well not really under lock and key , I have hid it down the back of the sofa amongst a couple of twiglets with fluff on left over from Christmas and a Toffee Penny from a Quality Street tin that I am saving for later :-)

    Hey, you will be lining up for the race with the Elites at this rate . Runon Bekele , that's what you will be known as from now on ! :-) xxx

  • Dear Poppers - as usual please treat this reply as Top Secret not to be divulged to a single person. I think I have Newshoeitis - I see a pair of running shoes and they have to be mine all mine (laughs maniacally) plus the other Ines got dirty. You know this running lark is not at all dissimilar to F1 Racing - you have to look at the weather conditions, the terrain, friction co-efficients and then pick the right tread. I mean today the park run was part grass, part tarmac and part sand - so the right shoe has to be picked with care. I do have my people waiting at kilometre markers with spare shoes in case I need to change them as conditions alter. It's not easy being at the top of your game you know - and I have seriously speeded up since being shot at when I was mistaken for a pheasant!

    Training is coming along - am using the plan devised by Manchester 10K people so it should get me a few meters off the start line! I like it because it lets you run 4 times a week :) it does a rather weird jump from 45 mins to 60 but they seem to know what they're talking about! How is the half marathon - and did the dogs eat the other half - oh they're called snickers now aren't they - whoops :)) xxx

  • Don't worry David, no one is reading and your Newshoeitis secret is safe with me ;-)

    That is such a fab idea having your people waiting with a choice of different shoes at various points . I am going to nick that idea for my HM , although I will be starting with my velveteen slippers and maybe changing into my diamante Jimmy Choos at the 10k mark probably finishing in my Birkenstocks and then quickly putting my Christian Laboutins on for the photos after .

    .I have got my favourite fleece lined zippy tartan slippers with the red pom poms on though for the tram home, you cant be too careful !

    Training is going good , but with one thing and another I haven't ran since last Saturday - Eeek ! I have had a very busy week with a few late nights ( yes, I have been out after 9pm on a school night , 3 times !!!)

    Rock n' Roll Runon, Rock n' Roll ..... :-)

    I am now in my pug onesie with one pug resting his chin on my shoulder and the other one sat on my knee - Ahhh bliss .... :-) xxx

  • Oh Poppers - you are quite right to save the Laboutins until last. I shall ensure the last kilometre is red-carpeted for you. There I are only about 10 weeks to go so all this frolicking of an evening like a footballer will have to stop - indeed wearing the onesie whilst watching Captain Pugwash with the pugs is a far betterer idea - I of course shall not go out before the end of May and drink only green tea and eat hogweed sandwiches! Have a very pleasant evening and look forward to seeing you in Mancunia :) xxx

  • Ha ha ! :-D

    Yes I am only eating mung beans and drinking nettle tea from now on in. My body is a temple n' all that

    .I bid you a very pleasant evening too and I look forward to seeing you again. We're ready for Manchester, but is Manchester ready for us ? Ha ha :-D xxx

  • Manchester beware The Poppers meets Runon 10K Marathon Bash is getting real :) lots of love Mr. Runon 😎

  • Tee Hee !

    Apart from you and me of course, I wonder which other celebrities are taking part ?

    We don't want to be overshadowed do we ? :-) xxx

  • Well I imagine Peter Andre, Brad and Tom and they're just our shoe holders - Probably just be a low key affair other than us and a few Presidents - no point bigging it up. My supporters won't need more than 20 or 30 buses. πŸ˜€Xxx

  • Ah yes Peter Andre of course ( as long as he doesn't sing ! ) Yes , best keep it low key then Ive more chance of getting a decent time :-) xxx

  • πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ—£ ok no singing then :) xxx

  • Am half asleep and just off to bed as have to run hills tomorrow but just wanted to say "merde!"( Is that how you say it...?) Those are pretty cool shoes monsieur Ru-non! 😊 congrats on parkrun sub 30 triumph!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Many Merci's Aliboo - yes they have some serious attitude - I just need to ensure that the world has lots of muddy bits to run in - do you have mud in the IOW? Sleep well and good luck with them thar hills! 🀠

  • I say, sir - they are rather splendid! Your running sounds as though it's coming on in leaps and bounds as well - great time on your Parkrun! And hills, well, what can I say... living in Derbyshire I avoided them for the first three years of my running :D but now I am learning to deal with them! Enjoy your new shoes. I'm sure they're not quite that colour now though, are they?

  • So true - They are an interesting shade of dirty grey now that the mud has dried! :)

  • with your expression about the "Grand old Duke,of York".i don't know if anyone is aware that; inthe sleepy county of Suffolk of rolling small hills,; the is atown called Woodbridge where I live.There was an army garrison there during napoleons time and the Duke ofYork visited there and marched the groups up to market square and down again.i regularly go up and down this hill,and like you,I have found that running on the flat easier.;am into my 4th week C25k and I love it,despite cold mornings and heavy down pours,also bursting lungs ; I am finding out "The true me",-so to speak.Its great to be on this forum amongst other enthusiastic runners.

  • Hey Steve - you know I always wondered about that - I love that kind of stuff - plus Woodbridge is a place I know from childhood. Beautiful place.

    Stick at it - you'll soon be getting your badge of office :) and your lungs won't be quite as bursting. I've seen people ask if it gets easier - it does - which is when we start looking for new challenges to make it harder again!!! Enjoy - it's a brilliant thing you're doing 😎

  • hi,thanks for that,great encouragement.😊 I will not give up.

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