w5r3 done and dusted!!!!

Really struggled with this run on Thursday didn't complete it and felt like I would never get there, wanted to get it under my belt before the new week started so went out this afternoon and low and behold I have gone and completed it!! I must say that I went a different route today which I thought helped alot as the time seemed to go quicker, so for anyone struggling try somewhere different it may help.

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  • Well done marpar and good advice too.

  • Fabulous news!! Well done, pop your feet up now and get ready for week six. Big congrats!! x

  • well done :) you should be very proud of yourself X

  • Well done. I was within a couple of minutes of quitting that one but couldn't bear the thought of a second attempt after getting that far.

  • Well done! You know you can do a longer run now so you're well on your way to completing the final weeks! Great advice too - I wholeheartedly agree, a change of route really helped me find my mojo at a low point.

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