Week 5 r3 - outrunning your fears

I've never surprised mysdid so much. 20 minutes of running non stop! I need a lie down just to recover from the shock. On the way round I thought about my running buddy - my big sister who is keeping pace with me ( even though I think she's already able to run further).

I couldn't give up after all the fantastic support from graduates on this forum.

In fact I'm so excited about week 5 - I might do it all again just to make sure that twenty minutes wasn't a fluke. I've realised that the most important thing is that 3 times a week habit. As long as I'm keeping going and slowly progressing I'll get there with Laura's help.

Maybe just maybe - one day I won't be overtaken by every other jogger/runner in the park.


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11 Replies

  • Yes, that's it - just keep going and one day you'll be doing the overtaking. I think that W5R3 is a great motivator when you realise that you can do what you previously thought was impossible! As you say, slow and steady - it's got you this far. Good job, Parkbirdy.

  • Well done parkbirdy. Keep up the good work and keep running.

  • congratulations :) 20 mins is fantasitc. good luck with the rest of the plan x

  • That's so amazing, great feeling isn't it And a real milestone. Keep going and let us know how you get on, we'll done


  • Wow!! congratulations parkbirdy, Can't wait 'til I can post that I've done run 3 of week 5 successfully :-)

  • You'll get there - just keep going. I take the bit about a light jog very seriously! Once I can run for longer will try to up the pace. And if it gets really tough just repeat a run. That's really helped my confidence.

  • I have just completed W5 run 3. also cannot believe I ran for that long. I did find I was nervous and after 8-10 minutes panicked a bit as thought I would give up. I admit it wasnt easy but I pushed through to the end and felt a real sense of achievement.

  • Well done to you too.This is going to sound really silly. But the last couple of runs when Laura has said well done at the end I've almost welled up.

    Good luck with week 6. I'm going to see how the legs feel in the morning then have a go at either wk6r1 - or repeat wk5.

    I've been running in old t shirts - but my reward for getting this far is going to be getting a proper running top that I like. After all - I now know I'm going to get plenty of wear out of it :)

  • I well up too.!!! I think it's also because I am doing it alone. I love the forums as we can share experiences. My family are not really interested ! Have moved on to another app now as it means I can play my own music. Same programme though.! I have all the running gear as used go wear it for spinning and I think it helps with breathable tops. Have gained weight though but am told this can happen. Was expecting to drop some but I am fitter.

  • Hi, what is the name of the app you are using where you can play your own music? I'm doing W6R1 tomorrow so getting to the point where I'd like to run to my own music now!

  • Hi, its called splendid-things.co.uk/getru...

    What I do is play my own music on my phone and then go to this app and start the week on the running app. I have obviously skipped the first few weeks so started at the week 5. It's a handy app with a lot if visual stuff on it. You may find that if you move or forward your songs on then the app will stop and you need to get it to play again but I basically enjoy my own music running now !!

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