Worried about week 5!

I've done week 4 and have actually run it 4 times now, as I'm worried about my endurance - I'm so knackered after the final 5 minutes I can't see how I could manage the big step up in week 5. Not helped by a cold which has prevented me going out since Friday. This is the first real hiccup I've has on the plan - any ideas or suggestions? I'm planning on another week 4 run tomorrow and then maybe try the week 5 run 1.......?


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9 Replies

  • I completed week 5 on the 28th and it really wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Have faith in the programme, it really does prepare you for the longer runs. I found that if I took it slow and steady the runs were a lot more manageable.

    Good luck, You can do this :)

  • Hi drummederek , I haven't been graduated long so the more experienced on here may be better to advise you ,but if it was me I would go for wk 5 r 1 . If you have completed that wk 4 run that many times I think you will surprise yourself . Give it a go you won't know if you don't try . Take it nice & steady & if you can't complete it you can allways go back to wk 4 , but nice & steady don't speed , & you will find you will be ok , good luck with it & let us know how you go .

  • HI, I think you can do it, just believe. By the way I chose not to look ahead at what the next run would be so as not to let my mind worry about what might be. If you have done week four you have the endurance. Just take it slow and steady.

  • If I can do it, you can! I did it without Laura as the app was misbehaving, and found that I just ploughed on, glancing at my stopwatch every now and then. (I now prefer to do this). Good luck!

  • Rockette is right. Have a go at W5R1 and see how it goes. Keep slow and steady, remembering that your aim is to eventually run for thirty minutes, not break the four minute mile. As the endurance increases it becomes a psychological battle, but C25k has prepared you for it and you can do it. A cold can have a marked influence on your performance, so maybe give it a few more days to clear. Don't worry about it. The worst that can happen is that you have to repeat a run and there is no shame in that. Just remember how far you have come since your first run. Good luck.

  • Don't feel bad if you miss a few days whilst your cold is with you. Try not to look ahead at the programme i.e. don't check to see what you are going to be asked to do next; wait until you're out there and just go with Laura. I think that you will surprise yourself, I know I did! If your cold is better have a go at wk5 run 1!

  • I bet that you didn't think you could run 3mins & then that you couldn't run 5mins & you've done it. Like everyone here has said, wait 'til your cold clears & then surprise yourself again but this time with week 5.

  • Thanks to all of you for your replies. I haven't run for nearly a week because of my cold, so I'm going to do one more week 4 run tomorrow morning, and start week 5 on Sunday, come what may! Be nice if it stopped raining for an hour though!

  • The cold lasted longer than I thought - still sniffly now. I eventually ran one week three run, three week four runs, and I ran my first week five today!! Thanks to you all for your support.

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