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Week 5 run today is void

This run didn't go well, I don't really know why. I've felt worse and gone running and been fine. I got stitch on the second run and couldn't continue. I think I spent the whole session worrying about the 20 minutes next as well.

My legs get so tired below the knee. I thought about my running style and thought that as I am trying to run so slowly maybe I am not using the tops of my legs properly, so tried to change my stride. Not sure if this made any difference. I should just forget it and start another run later in the week.

That 20 minutes I am never going to do from 8 minutes, do you think it would be ok if I had a little 1 minute walk in there somewhere? (or 2 ).

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My legs feel the same, just save the energy for a sprint finish to get rid of that feeling.

If I were you I would now take 2 days rest as todays run didn't leave you feeling great. I would then carry on and go for the 20 minutes, a steady pace and deep breathing will get you through. YOU CAN DO IT! Aim to do it without a break but if you really need one then take one.

I wish you well and have faith that you will succeed. I have been in your shoes :)


Don't worry too much about todays run - sometimes there isn't an obvious reason why it was difficult and it doesn't mean that next time won't be fine. I've found that I can run through a stitch if I slow down a little and follow Laura's advice on breathing to get rid of it.

As for the twenty minutes - don't worry about it. The worst that can happen is that you have to slow down or walk for a bit and then try it again another day - disappointing, maybe, but not a disaster. Start off at a slower pace than usual to give yourself the best chance of finishing, you can always increase speed later if you feel able.

Good luck :-)


Iam with you! I have the dreaded W5R3 run on Wednesday and have spent today's run worrying that I wont complete it! Iam very nervous about the jump from 8 minutes to 20. It does seem huge doesn't it. I have a hill which is terrifying me too. Should I go another route? Should I just start in a slightly different part of my normal route? Iam over analysing! It looks like we will both be attempting this on Wednesday so lets go for it. I never ever thought I would spend any time thinking about running, let alone doing it! Good luck!


I think you should reverse your route then hopefully Your hill will be in your cool down. That is hat I did at the weekend and the hill came in the 5 minute walk in the middle. Nicely timed.

Let me know how you go, I am going to do another run 2 to get my confidence back then the run 3 at the weekend. Best of luck, I really want to know how you go x


I too really worried cos I read what a jump it was and like you was dreading it.

To my surprise ... I did it and it was a lot easier than I had imagined.

Please just listen to your body and of course to Laura ... you can do it .... if you have to you can slow right down. The thing is it will be a massive boost if you do it! :)

Just remember that you need to trust the program. Thats what I told myself and it really does seem to work ... they know what they are talking about they really do!! :)

There could be any number of reasons why you found the run difficult ... what you ate, when you ate, amount of water you had, time of day and and and .... Just put it behind you and you may surprise yourself! :)

I really do wish you luck ... but ... you need to tell yourself that you have come this far which is great and you CAN do it! :) Good luck :)


Thank you so much for your comments, I think I was tired really and just rushed it. I think i might not have drunk enough during thr dau too. I wasn't really listening to my body. It was also quite a bit warmer than I am used to.

I am going to do another 8 minute run and then go for the biggy at the weekend if that goes well.

It's lovely to have the support and I hope my next blog wil be that I have overcome the hurdle.


You can do it, it really is more of a mental challenge than anything else. I took it really slowly at the start and the last couple of minutes were a challenge, but i do believe the program works, have confidence.

Must admit this run totally exhausted me and i spent most of the weekend asleep or feeling totally shattered, saying that ran week 6 run 1 tonight.

Trust the program and just go for it, im sure you will be fine.

looking forward to reading your next post


I really couldn't go any slower, it's almost an effort to go that slow. Lol what a state!


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